Introducing the AppExchange for Components, a new marketplace to help IT leaders deliver engaging enterprise apps lightning fast. Now you can jump start your app development by adding Lightning Components to Salesforce from the the AppExchange.

Components are the building blocks of apps; they’re widgets, like calculators, charts, and feeds. They offer bite-sized capabilities that augment Salesforce or work in conjunction with other components to form an entirely new app, which means no more recreating everything from scratch when you want to build something new.

AppExchange for Components is like a catalog for these small but indispensable features, tools, and elements. New mobile-enhanced calendar views, heatmap graphic tools, and mini-spreadsheets for data entry are just some of the popular selections already available, with many more coming soon. Our partners are hard at work designing and publishing new components for your consideration.

Like apps on the AppExchange, every component comes from a trusted source and is rated and reviewed by Salesforce users like you. Installing a component is just as fast and easy as installing a standard app. As new components are added,  you'll find that you can quickly customize small details of your Salesforce instance that were previously considered off limits, without developer help.

Salesforce1 Lightning is also available now. It includes Lightning App Builder, a tool that helps you easily create entirely new enterprise apps by dragging and dropping Salesforce components and pre-built components from the AppExchange into your app or page layouts.

Lightning App Builder is another intuitive way to customize Salesforce and create new apps--all without writing a single line of code, which means administrators and business power users can participate in and have total control over the app-building process. You can even bring new components into your Lightning App Builder with just one click on the AppExchange for Components.

But the AppExchange enhancements don’t stop with components; we’ve also made it simpler than ever to engage with qualified Salesforce experts. Through the AppExchange for Consultants, it’s easier and more intuitive to connect with consulting service providers who can help make your Salesforce instance even more powerful.

Ready to see for yourself? Visit the new AppExchange for Components and AppExchange for Consultants to get started.