Last month at Connections ‘15, we ushered in a new era of marketing. Physical and digital marketing have converged, which means marketers now have brand new challenges in reaching their customers. We’ve invited Michael Lazerow, Chief Strategy Officer at Salesforce, and former Founder/CEO of Buddy Media, to join us for a #SalesforceChat on marketing in the era of the customer. We’ll chat about how marketers today connect with customers, new digital channels, and much more.

Join us Thursday, July 9 from 11AM to 12PM PST -- just include #SalesforceChat in your tweets to participate in the conversation!

Here are the questions we’ll discuss during Thursday’s chat:

  • Q1: Customers today are connected & empowered - how do you ensure they are at the center of your marketing strategy?

  • Q2: What channels have been most effective for you in reaching customers who are “always-on”?

  • Q3: What marketing metrics are most important to your organization and why?

  • Q4: Is content a part of your marketing mix? Do you blog, write e-books, or make videos?

  • Q5: How does your organization use social media to reach customers? What social networks have been the most successful?

  • Q6: Digital marketers must be agile to stay competitive - what new things have you tried recently? Were they successful?

  • Q7: How important it is to have a marketing “vision”? How do you go about developing a vision or strategy?

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