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This week we’re bringing you data in on-target ad rates with premium and programmatic ad placements. In addition, we’ll look at new growth in native ads within the Twitter MoPub marketplace. Finally, the percentage of Instagram users who visit the site daily increases from a last year.

According to Nielsen, the rate of on-target ads served between programmatic (via real-time bidding) and premium ads (ads bought directly from a publisher) in Canada are both quite low, whether the target audience was broad or narrower. In addition, the percentage of on-target ads viewed on mobile was nearly the same as on desktop: 44% and 47% specifically. In general, only 29% of programmatic and 49% of premium ads were accurate when targeting male/female audiences above the age of 30.

In light with this new study by Nielsen, in a recent survey, Kraft used 3rd party data to target females and found that the data was 50 percent accurate. That’s no better than random chance.

That’s not very accurate, especially when you think about how accurate Facebook is using real customer data and data that people directly provide the platform. Since Facebook is a social platform where users communicate with friends and create personal profiles with their gender and age information specifically, this data is much more accurate.

In the past year, the number of apps in the Twitter MoPub marketplace using native ads has grown 8x, according to a new study by Twitter MoPub. Publishers quickly adopted this user-friendly ad format and have taken full advantage of the company’s mediation solution to increase native ad revenue from on multiple ad networks. In addition, native ad spend in the MoPub marketplace grew 387% YoY and the number of native ads bought increased over 2x. This goes to show that native ads have become a dominating force in mobile ad space. Given that consumers spend 88% of their mobile time in apps instead of the mobile web, it’s no surprise that marketers are shifting their advertising to native ads.

Facebook continues to show the highest percentage of daily users of any social platform, at 70%, not to mention the number of users that visits multiple times a day, according to Pew Research. Even more interesting is the intense increase in daily users seen by Instagram in just the past year. Since September 2014, the percentage of Instagram users who visit the platform daily has increased 10 points from 49 to 59%. In addition, 37% of them visit the platform multiple times a day. Givens this data, advertisers should be excited about the latest launch in advertising on Instagram and an all new set of opportunities to reach customers.

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