Summer just flew by and I know you were planning to read all those blog posts about Dreamforce sessions and get caught up on the Road to Dreamforce videos, but vacations happened so you procrastinated. Well, with 8 till Dreamforce, now is the perfect time to kick start your agenda building and stop procrastinating!  But don’t stress it, we got your back — like that good friend in college, we have been taking notes all summer and ready to help out.

1. Kick start your agenda with Admin Playlists!

The Admin team has been working hard to make it easy for you to build your agenda and not have to start from scratch. For the first time we are happy to announce Admin Track Playlists for New, Intermediate, and Advanced Admins. These playlists will help direct you to the sessions based on your experience level. Printed versions will be available in the Admin Lodge.

2. Find sessions by topic

Need more than just a playlist? No problem! We put together 11 slideshares that highlight sessions based on topics such as: Security, Reports & Dashboards, Nonprofits, and advancing your career. You can see all of the slideshares for Dreamforce here.

3. Continue the learning with Trailhead

After attending an Admin Track session at Dreamforce we made it easy to continue the learning at Dreamforce and with Trailhead. With the Dreamforce Admin Guide, available in the Admin Lodge-Moscone West, you can see which demo stations to go to for more information and which Trailhead modules to complete to learn more about that sessions topics. From the session, to the demo, to trailhead – your Admin learning continues long after Dreamforce.

Social media is a huge part of Dreamforce. Make sure you make the most of it by downloading this free Salesforce e-book beforehand.