This is the second post in our four-part Data Strong Organization infographic series. Be sure to check out our Sales infographic.

The role of a marketing is evolving. The rise of digital has connected us like never before, and marketers need to keep pace with the demands of knowledgeable, social customers, or get left in the dust. The digital world is one that never sleeps, and people have grown accustomed to having real-time conversations and interactions with brands. The challenge that companies face is to connect with these customers, through all of their devices, and create experiences that work across social media, e-commerce, apps, and advertising.

To do this, modern-day marketers need to combine creativity and the power of storytelling with analysis and data-driven strategies. Better data enables marketers to build targeted campaigns and deliver the right content to prospects. By collecting and analyzing lead data, marketers are able to pass on comprehensive customer insights to their sales team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page in creating a personalized customer experience.

We’ve created the infographic below to highlight how marketing fuels a data-strong team. Take a look and download the free e-book to find out how data-centric teams drive business success.

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