Twitter advertising has become one of the most popular methods of connecting with online users at the right moment, and with relevant communications. Advertising teams have the choice of a vast array of Twitter Ad Cards, a format that allows you to attach other types of content or information to a Tweet. But each of these cards have different design requirements and can be a bit confusing.

The following “Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Advertising Card Specs” outlines the most popular Card types and the elements that make up each one, so you and your team can have a go-to reference whenever you create your next Twitter advertising campaign.

In the guide, the following information is provided:

  • What is a Twitter Card?

  • What are the most commonly used Cards?

  • CTA options for various Cards

  • Recommendations for Promoted Video files

And we cover the following types of cards:

  • Website Cards, for driving clicks to websites

  • Lead Generations Cards, for getting leads directly on Twitter

  • Basic App Cards for app installs and re-engagement

  • Image App Cards, for app installs and re-engagement with powerful images

  • Promoted Video Cards, to build your brand with video content