The September 2015 Release is Now Live in the Marketing Cloud! 

Get excited everyone; the September 2015 Release is now live in the Marketing Cloud! Marketing Cloud is focused on core values of trust and customer success. We are currently wrapping up major areas of our Trust Releases and this release is no different in our focus and passion. 

In this release, you will see a number of new features that make the system more reliable, as well as deliver top–requested features from YOU! With the exciting features in this release, customers can now expect more seamless first-time user experiences, additional ways to engage with larger audiences on social media, and easy access to provide product feedback directly through the Marketing Cloud. 

Below are some of the top features for this release:

1. Marketing Cloud Connector: We’ve completely re-imagined the first-time configuration & connection user experience from start to finish, making connecting Marketing, Sales, and Service Clouds faster, more intuitive, and more user-friendly. Customers will now have an improved, guided first–time user experience, complete with automated configuration steps to reduce manual efforts. Learn more!

2. Display Advertising is GA: Approved data onboarding partners are able to begin building out their offerings and customers can now re-target their data to the broader display advertising ecosystem using Active Audiences. Learn more!

3. MobilePush Improvements: There are many performance improvements for Mobile including: improved registration queue handling, improved load time for messaging reports, improved API performance, and updated Journey Builder for Apps SDK. Learn more!

4. Changing and Updating Templates in Email Creation Flow (in closed Beta): Customers now have the ability to change or update a template while in Email Creation. Learn more!

5. Social Follow Block Added to Content Builder (in closed Beta): Customers can now increase their engagement on social media. Customers have the power to easily let subscribers share their email on their social networks and also make it easy for subscribers to follow their social networks. Learn more!

6. CloudPages: SocialPages Content Now Available within CloudPages in an effort to migrate all content over to CloudPages. Learn more!

7. Tokenized SMS is now GA for MobileConnect: You can now leverage Tokenized Sending for MobileConnect. This feature includes full conversation support for mobile-terminated (MT) and mobile-originated (MO) messages. Tokenized Sending is a method for protecting sensitive customer data by not storing this data in the Marketing Cloud. Customers must build APIs to resolve and get tokens and send personalized messages. Learn more!

8. Improved Facebook Ad Account Selector and Increased Attribute Matching for Active Audiences: Customers can now easily select a destination of their audience and match users using multiple phone or email type attributes to increase the match rate. Learn more!

9. New Feedback Button for the Marketing Cloud: Customers can now share their thoughts and opinions on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud DIRECTLY from their account! Customers can click Feedback to send us what they think about specific Salesforce Marketing Cloud apps and features, as well as what they would like to see. Learn more!

10. Configurable Tag(Attribute)–Based Scenarios for Predictive Intelligence: Customers now have the ability to directly influence their prediction engine. Customers can configure specific scenarios based on key attributes and categories and better personalize their web, mobile and email experiences. Learn more!

Please read the release notes for more details about these awesome new additions to the customer journey!