It’s that time of year again. We’re heading into the busiest retail season with the big days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday just a few weeks away. The Social Studio team at Salesforce Marketing Cloud are tracking and reporting on the conversations and trends on social media leading up to the big shopping weekend. We’ll look at the brands that consumers are talking about, what products are top of mind for shoppers and who is winning the online battle for consumers’ attention.

We’ll continue to offer insights and updates leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday on this blog. We'll add the updates to this same blog post, so check back soon!

UPDATED Black Friday and Cyber Monday Trends:

Black Friday Post #7: That's a Wrap!

Since Oct. 1, the Social Studio team at Salesforce Marketing Cloud tracked and reported on social media conversations around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We analyzed a whopping 3.8 million social posts mentioning these shopping holidays and found tips from smart retailers who owned the social conversation, along with a few unexpected trends. Check out the final slideshare below and read the full post for the season's insights:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Trends and Analysis FINAL from Salesforce 

Black Friday Post #6

Earlier this week we celebrated #GivingTuesday and people, businesses, and charities around the world put the spotlight on generosity. Check out the slideshare below to learn more about the key social media stats from #Giving Tuesday and read the full post.

2015 Giving Tuesday Social Trends and Analysis from Salesforce

Black Friday Post #5

It's official — shoppers know more than retailers! Check out more insights from the 2015 Connected Shopper Report by reading the full blog post.

Black Friday Post #4

The holidays are flying by like 50 percent off televisions at a Black Friday sale. Speaking of Black Friday, all of the data is in on the social conversations around the biggest shopping day of the year. Check out the slideshare below to see some of the key stats from the social media buzz analysis, and read the full blog post for more insights. 

2015 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Trends and Analysis 11/30 from Salesforce

Black Friday Post #3

Check out how the social conversation started on the morning of Black Friday. Analysis in the slideshare below:

2015 Black Friday Trends and Analysis from Salesforce

Black Friday Post #2

We’re now just two weeks away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the topic is rapidly becoming a top conversation on social media. When we checked in last week, the conversations were just getting started, and outdoor retailer REI was leading the way with its #OptOutside campaign. This week we have a new leader and a few interesting trends shaping up. You can view the slideshare below and check out the full post here.

2015 Social Media Preview: Black Friday & Cyber Monday 11/13 from Salesforce

Check out our first Black Friday insights post below

Check out this post for 3 social tips to keep your customers happy this holiday season, from the Service Cloud team.

Black Friday Post #1

So is it too early to report the Black Friday buzz on social media? No way. In the last 30 days over 225,000 social posts have mentioned Black Friday. That’s a lot of conversation for an event that’s nearly a month away. Compared to last year, the conversations are down about 11%. That being said, there is still lots of time leading up to the big weekend for brands to generate conversations. Smart marketers will start ramping up their content and engagement in the next week as Black Friday becomes top of mind with most consumers.

The most surprising thing compared to previous years are what companies, and what topics, are leading the conversation. This year outdoor retailer REI has stolen the pre-season show but not for the reason you might expect. Their decision to stay closed on Black Friday and corresponding social campaign using the hashtag #OptOutside has dominated social conversations. They had over 10x the number of conversations compared to other brands around Black Friday and REI saw a 6,557% increase in social conversations compared to last year. There are some good lessons for marketers in this. Finding your unique point of view in a trending topic can yield rewards. REI is true to their brand in the decision, communication and campaign and it captured the attention of consumers.

Beyond the REI and #OptOutside conversations there are beginnings of trends around products and brands. While it’s still early the products that consumers are talking about are beginning to emerge. So far this year footwear and apparel are leading the pack. Footwear was mentioned in 15% of social posts with Nike, Uggs and Kanye West products leading the pack. The next most discussed category was Televisions, a perennial Black Friday favorite. Marketers can use trends like this in determining what products to mention in their social content mix but use it to inform other channels such as advertising, web and mobile.

There are many other insights for marketers in the analysis. You can view the entire presentation here or below.  

2015 Social Media Preview: Black Friday & Cyber Monday from Salesforce

This data was pulled from Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio. Social Studio analyzes hundreds of millions of data sources from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, news sites, and more. Request a demo to see how social listening can impact your business.