Instagram has stolen the advertising spotlight within only its first few months in the market. The platform has more than 400 million monthly active users, 75 percent of which are outside the United States, and the average millennial user comes back seven times per day. Advertisers now have the opportunity to launch campaigns that achieve performance advertising objectives, like website clicks and mobile app installs, but also allow a brand to show off its creative side. As one of the initial members of the brand-new Instagram Partner Program, we want to provide you a go-to guide for creatives and advertisers getting started with Instagram advertising, with everything needed to find success with this platform.   

“The Complete Guide to Advertising on Instagram” is your all new go-to guide for all things Instagram Advertising, whether you’re planning ad objectives or on the creative team actually creating ad content. The infographic covers a little bit about Instagram’s loyal userbase and the data around success found in campaigns within its first few months in operation. In addition, this infographic will touch on the actual requirements for creating ads, including:

  • The five ad objectives available on Instagram: Website Click, Video View, Mobile App Install, Page Post Engagement, and Website Conversion
  • Character count, video requirements, and image specifications
  • Tips for how to think about building successful ads

When you run your first Instagram ads, use this a starting point for achieving your business goals with this new platform. For more information about the opportunities available to you, check out our Webinar, "How to use Instagram ads to reach and engage your audience."