“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships,” -Michael Jordan

The most successful companies recognize and acknowledge that business is a team sport. In order to win championships and stay ahead of the competition, you need to build meaningful and long lasting connections with customers, partners and employees. Collaboration, alliance and partnership are not just fleeting buzzwords. We are in the ‘many to many’ era — you can no longer build or innovate inside a shell.  

The digital revolution has changed the way we operate. Access to online forums, discussion panels and surveys has made it easy for customers, employees and even partners to provide feedback, collaborate and share ideas.

With Salesforce, you can empower your customers, partners and employees — give them a voice, make them feel heard and even crowd source new perspectives and ideas.

The first step is to start internally. We all have spent hours trying to locate the right information. Days, sometimes weeks go by before we find the right groups with the resources we are looking for. Technology should be an enabler,not a barrier to teamwork. Here at Salesforce, we use Chatter to not just share ideas and prompt discussions, but to build online teams and to share files, reports, records. Chatter is simple to use and available on the go.

Chatter is available to all Salesforce customers too! It is a tool that is intuitive to use yet powerful enough to keep your teams organized. But are you using all the available features and functionalities of Chatter? Are you able to build engagement on Chatter? Our Specialists can show you how to.

With Accelerators, you have direct access to Specialists that share their specialized experience, knowledge and resources that will guide you to using Chatter more effectively. Here are two accelerators that will help you make the most of Chatter:

1. The Chatter for Sales Managers is an accelerator that will equip sales managers and their teams to close deals faster.

2. The Chatter for Small Business accelerator will connect employees with the files, data, and experts they need to work more effectively.

The second step to becoming a more collaborative, customer-centric company is to build a platform for your customers to voice their opinions and concerns, connect with other customers and hear from you on new products or services.

Here are accelerators that will get you started off on the right foot with the Community Cloud:

1. The Community Cloud Framework Designer accelerator will help you create a branded community experience.

2. The Customer Community Design accelerator helps you build a personalized and engaging online community so your customers can resolve issues online and find the right information when they need it. 

And, finally, include your partners as the third vital link to your success; they have a vested interest in making sure you succeed, so it’s a lost opportunity if you are unable to collaborate with them at their speed. Partner Community Design is an accelerator that helps you onboard and enable your partners faster, effectively leading to faster conversion from prospect to customer.

Salesforce provides you with the tools to break down traditional roadblocks and barriers. Our technology provides the apparatus you need to connect with your employees, partners and customers in a whole new way. Accelerators provide the blueprint for how you can use those tools with focused, outcome-based engagements that help you tailor your results to your business needs. Step out of the box and explore how we can help make you more customer centric.

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