At Salesforce, we don’t just help other companies achieve results with Marketing Cloud, we use it ourselves to drive our very own business. In the Inside View series, we’ll take a look at some unique and unexpected ways teams across our organization leverage Marketing Cloud—like sharing competitive intelligence with sales teams, onboarding new employees in HR, and helping event attendees get the most from their experience. To start, let’s check out how the combination of Journey Builder, Email, and Mobile help drive adoption of the Salesforce1 App.

Salesforce1 Takes CRM Anywhere

Are you running your business from your phone? Not unless you’re using the Salesforce1 Mobile App. Millions of on-the-go customers rely on Salesforce1 to get all of the information they need to manage their schedules, make decisions with real-time data and reports, collaborate with peers, and manage their sales pipeline.

As with all apps, success of Salesforce1 is measured by downloads and adoption. To help our customers become power users, we leveraged Journey Builder to plan, personalize and optimize a series of journeys to achieve three objectives:

  1. Acquire New Users

  2. Onboard Recent Installs

  3. Win Back Inactive Users

Every time a user downloads an app, logs in, or takes a suggested action, they join a customized journey that helps them get more from mobile. Let’s take a look at each.

Mobile Responsive Emails Drive Acquisition

Personalized email is the first step in the Salesforce1 journey. It’s used to create awareness for Salesforce1 and make it convenient to download. Mobile responsive templates render the invitation differently for recipients on a mobile device versus those on a desktop. Those that open the message on a phone are served a link to the appropriate app store depending on whether they’re using an Android or Apple device. Those that open the invitation on a desktop are directed to a landing page where they can opt-in to receive an SMS message on their device. Once again, Marketing Cloud detects whether it’s Android or Apple and instantly delivers a link to download Salesforce1 from the correct app store.  

Dynamic Scoring Gets Users Engaged

As soon as users have downloaded the app, it’s time to get them engaged and making full use its features. To do this, Journey Builder detects that users have completed the download, then starts them on an email welcome series called ‘Week One with Salesforce1’. It guides users through top suggested actions to help them quickly learn the app, and includes top tips and best practices we’ve sourced from our mobile users.

With each new email, Marketing Cloud uses real-time data to track all of the actions users take, and then keeps them up to date on their progress. When a user clicks through to learn about the content being shared, they receive a check on their scorecard. The scorecard automatically updates their progress in their subsequent emails as best practices are learned, ensuring users receive relevant, personalized messages.

Testing Identifies Most Effective Messages for Win Back

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how wonderful the app is. People are busy, and a certain percentage will become disengaged. If a user becomes inactive—meaning they haven’t opened the app in 30 days—Journey Builders automatically enters them into a win-back campaign. Dormant users receive a series of emails reminding them of the value of the Salesforce1, and encouraging them to become re-engaged. To continuously improve results, A/B testing is used. Journey Builder randomly splits recipients into groups, and then serves different messages to each to gauge effectiveness. We’re then able to analyze the results and hone the messages accordingly.

Personalized Journeys Drive App Adoption

By leveraging a combination of customer journey management, email and mobile, Marketing Cloud produced impressive results. The acquisition strategy increased downloads 7%, and once they’ve downloaded the app, at least 42% of users leverage at least 2 of the 5 engagement tips. And those who become disengaged? The win-back journey encouraged 38% of those who became inactive to log back in and resume running their business from their phones.


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