LinkedIn is a survivor by social network standards. Since launching in 2003, it has adapted, grown, and outlasted other networks such as Friendster and Google+ (too soon?). Consistent growth positions LinkedIn as the premier professional networking platform, boasting over 400 million members and simultaneously becoming a critical pillar of social, content, and recruiting strategies for organizations.

As we welcome 2016, here are five ideas for marketers to refresh their LinkedIn strategy:

1. Use SlideShare (more)

SlideShare enables marketers to share visual content, like infographics and presentations, with a reported monthly 70 million viewers. LinkedIn states that SlideShare has more than five times the traffic from business owners than other social media platforms. Plus, any size of business can leverage the service since there’s a free option as well as a Pro level.

Tip: Try to upload new content weekly, and add lead forms to convert interested viewers to opportunities.

2. Increase your company page posts per day

Only posting once or twice to your company page a day? Let’s double that. Posts don’t have to be just about products and services; try posting about upcoming events and share thought leadership content from your organization or third-parties. Also, be sure to engage with any comments to keep the conversation going.

Tip: Don’t forget to post over the weekends as well. LinkedIn isn’t a Monday through Friday kind of network, despite the professional audience.

3. Give LinkedIn Ads a go

If you’re really wanting to step up your game in 2016, consider Ads. Organic tactics are critical, but we all know that precise, targeted marketing will help you convert better business faster. You can set your own budget, pay by clicks or impressions, and stop at any time. With two options, Sponsored Updates and Text Ads, you can see which approach is best for you and your organization.

Tip: Don’t spend your budget on one mass campaign. Instead, fully leverage the targeting options and capabilities LinkedIn provides to do multiple micro campaigns.

4. Target organic content to your current followers

Did you know you could do this? Sometimes, in the rush of always trying to get more followers and new leads, organizations can forget to nurture their existing audiences. Continuing to have meaningful engagements with your current audience can lead to upsell opportunities, increased event registrations, and better brand advocates.

Tip: When you target organic content to current followers, you can also include a more personalized message.

5. Finally, try something unconventional

Have some fun, like Virgin Atlantic did when it hid its latest ad in the LinkedIn Job listings. It might just pay off.

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