In order to be successful in today’s ecosystem, businesses must engage a broad ecosystem of customers, partners, and employees, plus so much more. But today’s partner-facing technology falls short:

  • Websites are not branded or interactive

  • Portals are not mobile or personalized

  • Social media communities are not connected to business processes

With Community Cloud, you can reimagine engagement with your partners by creating personalized, connected communities — fast. Learn more about how Salesforce uses Community Cloud to power our partners by reading below and by signing up for the free webinar, “How Salesforce Uses Community Cloud to Power Its Partner Community.

Partner Community: A One-Stop Shop for Education and Engagement

Partners are a massive part of what makes Salesforce successful, but managing onboarding, training, and knowledge sharing for these partners can be tricky. That’s where our Partner Community comes in. Salesforce uses the Partner Community to connect to more than 26,000 Salesforce partners, including resellers and ISVs, and the community is now the primary resource for all Salesforce partners.

Within the official Partner Community Chatter group, Salesforce partners can ask questions, engage with other peers, receive real-time alerts, stay updated on the latest releases, and so much more. If the partner’s question isn’t answered by another peer or a knowledge base article that’s embedded within the community, that partner can create a support ticket for additional help, without having to leave the Partner Community.

The Salesforce Partner Community is growing fast. You can learn more about how you can leverage a community for your business partners by joining the free webinar on December 9, 2015. John Richter, director for the Partner Community Programs, and Kimberley Zatlyn, senior product marketing manager for Community Cloud, will go in-depth about best practices for how you can build a seamless, structured, and secure Partner Community that your partners want to use.