Join us on March 2 to experience Xplornet’s success story with Salesforce Sales, Service, and Community Clouds.

Customers today expect personalized, unified conversations across sales, service, and every other interaction with organization - regardless of how big or small the company is. When sales and service teams work together, everyone benefits from  a 360-degree view of the customer, providing a better experience for the customer.

Xplornet is Canada's largest rural broadband service provider, who believes every Canadian should have access to the transformative benefits of broadband internet – even in the hard to reach places.

In 2010, it became obvious that they were outgrowing their existing systems. Installations were manually scheduled with dealers. Upgrading the speed of a customer’s service took 9 applications, 23 minutes on the phone and the speed would increase the next day! And the customer had little visibility into their services or account. Xplornet saw the opportunity to change and connect everyone together.

Knowing they had to think differently about how to deliver their service, they also thought long and hard about how they wanted to serve their most important asset – their customers. Xplornet knew that they needed a solution that would scale, but also connect more than 500 dealers and a 250 person contact center to their customers.

Xplornet chose to implement Service Cloud & Sales Cloud, along with Community Cloud for a customer portal  to transform their business and rapidly integrate, customize and tailor Salesforce across their sales, service, dealer and customer operations.

Service Cloud provides their contact center agents with a single point of truth, integrated to the billing and provisioning applications, their website and their customer portals. It has empowered their front-line agents to handle more actions directly driving up efficiency and ultimately making the customer’s experience more effortless. Sales Cloud enables Xplornet’s dealers to instantly share how they can help the customer select the right service available in their location and schedule their professional installation.

To hear how putting Sales & Service on one platform can help you put the customer at the center of your business, join us on March 2 with Cathy MacDonald, Executive Vice President, Information Systems, Billing, and Collections as she shares best practices and key insights from their successful journey with Salesforce.