In a recent poll at the Salesforce World Tour in Dallas, 77% of attendees said they had installed apps from the Salesforce AppExchange. It’s these customers that make working for the AppExchange exciting, because we get to talk to them and hear their app experiences and stories. Some of the use cases are truly amazing. You can see a whole host of those stories here. We’ve spent the last few weeks and months talking to even more AppExchange customers, in industries ranging from utilities, to social networks, to consulting firms; to hear their stories and successes in using apps. Below are 10 of those stories.

1. SolomonEdwards Chooses Jobscience to Create a Better Applicant Tracking System

Following a big merger, professional services firm SolomonEdwards had a new applicant tracking system. To meet the challenge, it sought a highly configurable, nimble solution.

SolomonEdwards chose Jobscience, a staffing and recruitment app, which connects all aspects of talent acquisition, from lead generation, to performance analytics, to back office tasks, all without leaving Salesforce. Jobscience is more than an applicant tracking; it helps drive revenue by providing a 360-degree view of your entire recruitment business.

Results: Using Jobscience, SolomonEdwards gained visibility for its entire team that had never before existed. Suddenly, Jobscience provided a single source of truth, with all data in Salesforce. SolomonEdwards was able to get 100% adoption on the tool across the entire organization.  

2. GLOBALFOUNDRIES Improves Visibility and Produces Quotes Faster with Apttus

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a full-service semiconductor foundry with a global manufacturing footprint. Because of manual processes that took weeks of engineers’ time, GLOBALFOUNDRIES needed a faster, more accurate quote generation tool.

Results: Since implementing Apttus CPQ, GLOBALFOUNDRIES has reduced the amount of time needed to generate a quote from three weeks down to mere days. The financial return has been nothing short of remarkable; Apttus CPQ has delivered a 419% ROI, leading to $4,121,513 in average annual benefit.

3. SolarWinds Scales for Growth with Fairsail

IT management software and monitoring tools company SolarWinds needed help with its HR processes, which were manual and inefficient. Employee information was scattered, and SolarWinds needed a solution that was agile and could keep pace with current and future growth.

Results: SolarWinds rapidly implemented Fairsail in just 90 days, and has seen an 80% increase in HR operations productivity. And Fairsail’s system has enabled 6X employee growth, helping SolarWinds grow at the pace it needs.

4. Expro Streamlines Inefficiencies with FieldFX


Expro is an international oilfield service company. With lots of  data to track, dispersed across its business, Expro was leaving money on the table.

Results: With FieldFX, Expro has seen 5% less revenue leakage, and a significant decrease in the time it takes to process a ticket. Expro now has a global platform that provides in-depth reports and activities across the organization.

5. National Head Start Association Grows Memberships and Donations with Fonteva

The National Head Start Association is a non-profit organization with a national commitment to give every vulnerable child an opportunity to succeed. Memberships and donations are at the heart of its success, yet the NHSA had a clunky, old system that made it hard to manage renewals and pay orders, on top of a host of performance and functionality issues.

Results: Since implementing Fonteva MemberNation, the NHSA has saved 80% in card processing time as compared to its old solution. Additionally, there has been a 50% decrease in payment processing time, and a 10% increase in the number of online memberships that include donations, meaning MemberNation is already helping to pay for itself.

6. Box Scales Customer Operations & Manages Retention with Gainsight

At enterprise cloud storage and collaboration company Box, customer success is front and center. But Box lacked scalable processes, and couldn’t accurately track and forecast customer retention. Instead of building a solution internally, it began looking for a market leader to help scale its customer operations and manage retention.

Results: Box chose Gainsight and has since saved 50% of the time it used to spend reviewing accounts, while gaining 20% in increased visibility to identify at-risk customers. And by automating customer processes, the customer success team saves 20 hours per week that in can now use to better service its customers.

7. Digineer Taps Kimble to Improve Consulting Sales Forecasting

Digineer, an organization that builds e-business solutions, requires  reliable data and accurate forecasting for business success. However, Digineer lacked a sales pipeline and and had no accurate forecasts. And forget a mobile solution. That’s why Digineer turned to Kimble’s Professional Services Automation app to improve its forecasting.

Results: Since implementing Kimble, Digineer has seen a remarkable 80% increase in forecasting accuracy, and has saved 75% in training time.

8. MobileIron Increases Call Center Efficiency with NewVoiceMedia ContactWorld

The call center is an area of business that can either cost a company a ton of money, or provide a great return on investment. When MobileIron, an MDM and enterprise mobility services company, implemented NewVoiceMedia ContactWorld, it moved from the former to the latter. Before using NewVoiceMedia, MobileIron had a rudimentary integration with a call center phone system, and a huge need to scale customer support for more than 10,000 customers. Yet it couldn’t hire additional staff, so it needed technology to improve the customer support experience.

Results: With NewVoiceMedia, MobileIron has seen a 25% productivity gain in the first 90 seconds of the call, which results in 50% shorter calls times. This is possible because the start of support calls no longer require agents to try to figure out who is calling and why they are on the phone – that information is already right there for the agent. This saving, about eight minutes per call, has led to cost savings of about $150,000 per year.

9. Twitter Transforms Compensation Management with Xactly

Twitter had a growing sales team, and with that came growing pains, including a manual and outdated sales compensation practice, an unsustainable compensation solution, and lack of visibility into sales compensation and commision.

Results: With Xactly, Twitter now has a single platform and single solution to provide visibility, transparency, and ease of use. This has led to 100% more motivation and engagement with the Twitter sales team.

10. O2 Transforms its Business using CPQ Software from CloudSense

O2 is a leading provider of mobile phones, mobile broadband, and Sim cards in the UK. But it found itself needing to transform into a digital business as it sought to become a B2B IT services player.

Results: In order to help its evolution from a traditional handset and phone plan provider, O2 implemented the CloudSense Telecoms Platform, including CPQ,  which resulted in an 8% growth in digital attachment rates to its orders, and has now become the largest Office365 reseller in the UK. Using CloudSense, O2 now provides a unified customer experience, and can provide individualized pricing and packaging.

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