You use Microsoft Outlook email, and you use Salesforce. Why not integrate them to help improve your sales processes?

We’re investing heavily in Microsoft and Salesforce integration, so that you can focus on tasks that matter most—improving relationships with prospects and customers, and building your sales pipeline. Our product, Salesforce App for Outlook, brings relevant Salesforce data—like accounts, contacts, and opportunities—into Outlook Web App, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2013.

Salesforce App for Outlook also includes a sync component, Exchange Sync, which helps you avoid redundant data entry. It syncs your Microsoft contacts and events to Salesforce. And we’re working on some exciting enhancements, so stay tuned!

But we’re really excited about the latest features and productivity benefits we’ve included in Salesforce App for Outlook. And we want you to be a part of it! If you’re not already integrating Microsoft email and Salesforce, we hope these new features get you excited about becoming more productive and simplifying your sales processes.

1. Support for Office for Mac 2016

We heard you loud and clear. You want to integrate Microsoft and Salesforce in the operating system of your choice. Done! Now you can be productive regardless of whether you’re working in a Windows or Mac environment.  We’ve delivered support for using Salesforce App for Outlook with Office for Mac 2016. Get up to speed on our system requirements for both Windows and Mac.

2. Support for My Domain

If your company manages Salesforce login and authentication using My Domain, you can now take advantage of Salesforce App for Outlook.

3. Create Salesforce Records Directly in Microsoft Email Applications

Keep focused on the selling process when you create Salesforce records like leads, opportunities, and cases—all from your email application. Your Salesforce administrator sets up and manages global actions to help you manage your sales with ease.

4. Support for Group and Professional Editions

In addition to Enterprise, Performance Unlimited, and Developer editions, we’ve made Salesforce App for Outlook available to folks using Group and Professional editions. If you don’t know which edition of Salesforce you’re using, check with your Salesforce Administrator.

5. Support for Exchange 2013 On-Premise

If your company uses Exchange 2013 on-premise, you’re free to take advantage of Salesforce App for Outlook.

Ready to improve and simplify your sales processes?

Talk to your Salesforce administrator about getting access to Salesforce App for Outlook. And check out Salesforce App for Outlook in the Office Store. When you’re ready, learn more about Salesforce App for Outlook.

This post was written in partnership with Sriram Iyer, Director of Product Management.