Every company, industry and profession is being redefined by data, leveraging information from a variety of sources to dramatically improve business outcomes. And since we’re not all data scientists, Salesforce delivered the Wave Analytics Platform to empower anyone to explore and uncover insights. Sales teams across every industry quickly discovered the value of insights for driving sales and were amongst the first to make a data-driven transformation in how they run their businesses. Yet, for many organizations, sales extends beyond the four walls of the company. And customers have asked us to help them bring the value of Wave Analytics to their business partners to supercharge sales across their ecosystem. Today, we are introducing Wave for Community Cloud, allowing companies to embed any Wave Analytics dashboard into their Partner Communities to accelerate growth.

We’ve heard it before: Selling is a team sport. Companies across the manufacturing, high-tech, consumer packaged goods, financial services industries and more rely on an extensive network of resellers, distributors, brokers, franchises and agents to drive growth. In fact, thousands of Salesforce customers are already using the Salesforce Community Cloud to better manage relationships and foster collaborative selling, planning and knowledge sharing amongst their channel partner ecosystem. And they’re seeing results -- Community Cloud customers report an 86 percent increase in cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Now with Wave, customers can further extend the power of Community Cloud by arming partners with the same sales insights that a company’s own reps leverage to accelerate growth.

Empowering Channel Partners to Sell Like Your Company’s Own Reps

Wave for Community Cloud enables customers to embed Wave Analytics dashboards into any Partner Community, providing channel partners with the insights they need to optimize sales. Previously, partner managers couldn’t see all of their data in one place and would spend time reconciling spreadsheets or searching disparate systems looking for insights on what worked in the past. And worse, partner sales reps would often be left guessing which deals to focus on or wasting time following up on the wrong opportunities. But when armed with personalized, data-driven sales insights, channel partners are able to unlock new sales opportunities and close deals faster, as if they are a true extension of a company’s sales team.

Now, channel partners can better understand their own business through interactive performance summaries and historical trends. Through self-service data exploration, partners can identify white space to give them a leg up on competition. And because Wave Analytics is a platform, dashboards can be populated with data from any source, and security permissions can be personalized to control visibility of data with specific partners.

Wave Analytics + Partner Communities = Customer Success

In franchise businesses, communication between headquarters and franchise owners is often disconnected. Leading car care specialist AAMCO bridges this gap by creating greater engagement between franchise owners and providing alignment with access to point of sale data and other key information. Now, franchises can quickly assess their businesses and compare performance to prior years in local, regional and national markets. In addition, dashboards with key performance indicators help franchises better understand and take advantage of growth opportunities.

Check out the demo below for a test drive of Wave for Community Cloud:

Wave for Community Cloud is generally available today. Additional information on pricing can be found on our website.