Your sales teams cultivate relationships with prospects and customers, schedule appointments, and track tasks using Microsoft email. And your teams manage important sales-related details using Salesforce.

Both systems have their strengths. But toggling between them pulls your sales reps out of their selling mode and puts them in a tools management mode. So why not integrate Microsoft email and Salesforce? When your reps grow their sales pipelines and close more deals, you become your reps’ local hero! And we’re here to help.

We’ve given you a fun and easy way to learn the benefits of integrating Microsoft email and Salesforce—with Trailhead. The trail, Integrate Microsoft Email and Salesforce, gets you on the path to:

  • Understanding the value of integrating the two systems

  • Choosing the best Microsoft integration product for your company

  • Setting up the Microsoft integration product you choose

As you work through Integrate Microsoft Email and Salesforce, you’ll learn how easy it is to get your reps on their way to crushing their sales using the best of what Microsoft email and Salesforce offer.

Earn your Microsoft integration badges now, and get on the path to integrating Microsoft email and Salesforce.