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We have seen many of the best organizations in the world choose CloudCraze for the benefits it provides as a native Salesforce application. Doing this allows these customers to leverage their investments in Salesforce the platform and have all customer touch points inform their online and offline commerce experiences.

Recently, we have seen forward-thinking clients choose CloudCraze for the tremendous value it provides even when they do not use Salesforce as their CRM.

These companies made the strategic decision to transform their business via digital and are doing it through the cloud and SaaS. As the only SaaS B2B commerce platform on the market, CloudCraze offers companies unique benefits that you cannot achieve with a traditional, legacy commerce solution.

Benefits of Using SaaS Commerce

The benefits of SaaS commerce include:

  • Speed to Market: CloudCraze allows you to launch your commerce experience and accept digital orders in as little as six weeks. This proves ROI quickly and helps you build a business case for future projects down the road. Legacy, on-premise technology solutions require significant investments in time, resources and capital to rework your entire commerce infrastructure and accommodate changing market demands.

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  • Seamless Product Updates: With SaaS commerce, you no longer have to worry about the costly custom-coded enhancements required for on-premise solutions. Most on-premise solutions release major updates twice a year, and major upgrades every three-to-six years. On the other hand, CloudCraze’s release calendar is far more agile, with new innovation introduced every six-to-eight weeks. With the capabilities inherent in the Salesforce App Cloud, clients frequently and easily upgrade, consuming enhancements in features and functionality. The advantage of CloudCraze isn’t necessarily the release, but the SaaS-based technology that upgrades overnight without months of testing to ensure your site doesn’t break.
  • Low Maintenance Costs: A key benefit of SaaS commerce technology is that you do not need to hire expensive IT or DevOps resources. All of the technology and human resources you need are part of the SaaS subscription, allowing your teams to focus on delivering value to your customers. Built for businesses to move at their own pace, CloudCraze allows teams to manage new product launches and business model change immediately.
  • Affordably Scale for Growth: SaaS and cloud commerce technologies provide a multi-tenant environment where you are not responsible for infrastructure or license capacity that you may not need except for peak seasons (10-20% of the year) or until your business matures. Instead, you pay for what you need today, without concern for infrastructure because the platform scales elastically with your needs; scaling infinitely and quickly on the cloud, allowing you to focus on your customers’ experience and growing revenue in the digital channel.


The power of CloudCraze, together with Salesforce Cloud offerings, is profound, and fortunately for the world, our offering is not limited to Salesforce customers. Do not fall victim to imposters peddling the “false cloud.” Transform your customer experience with CloudCraze today.

Learn more about the benefits and ROI of cloud commerce by contacting us today for a demo at 866-217-3210. Or view our commerce demo videos here.