Looking to increase your mobile subscriber list and drive engagement with mobile email, SMS/MMS, group messaging and push notifications? Of course! In the spirit of the SMS maximum of 160 characters, here are 25 tips and tricks to help you get the most from mobile marketing.

  1. Honor permissions. Period. Stay true to the opt-in agreement.
  2. Personalize your offers. Send 1-to-1 messages based on location, demographics, and preferences.
  3. Use SMS to update subscriber data: Text 1 for offers on beach resorts; 2 for winter destinations, 3 for wine country, etc.
  4. Always link to a mobile-optimized landing page or site.
  5. Mobile optimize every email, then target subscribers who open on a device. Promote your app or opt-in opportunities.
  6. Use geofencing and location-based messages to drive engagement. Connect the physical with digital at your event, store, or even a stadium.
  7. Partner with customer service. Mobile alerts are a great way to reduce call center volumes and costs.
  8. Use push messaging to re-engage users who downloaded your app, but then went dormant.
  9. Make SMS opt-in and offers a highly visible option with signage and on your website.
  10. Leverage mobile to get feedback from large groups of people following an event.
  11. Use SMS to grow your email subscriber list (text email address to # for instant savings).
  12. Follow-up with SMS. Ask subscribers to rate their experience on a scale of 1-10.
  13. Reach customers when they're close-deliver location-based messages when they're within a specified range.
  14. Continuously measure mobile performance, including opt-ins, opt-outs, message redemption, etc.
  15. Send triggered messages such as new inventory that aligns to subscriber preferences, or shipping notifications.
  16. Cross-promote with social. Promote your mobile subscription opportunities on social, and your social channels on mobile.
  17. Support your loyalty program with special mobile-only incentives.
  18. Drive immediate engagement: Include an expiration date/time in mobile offers.
  19. When asking for opt-in, make the benefit to the subscriber abundantly clear.
  20. App updates are the ideal time to request permissions for push notifications.
  21. Make your brand clear in your message-don't assume subscribers will recognize your short code.
  22. Differentiate mobile messaging from email and website offers. Make it worth the consumer's while.
  23. Immediately welcome new subscribers with something of value. The first message matters most.
  24. Make it easy for recipients to forward and share your content.
  25. Stay true to your brand messaging. Maintain a similar tone across all channels.

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