Salesforce is excited to announce the Heroku Enterprise Dev Starter, a new commercial package that makes it easy for customers to buy and get started with Heroku Enterprise.

So what exactly is Heroku Enterprise? Today, every company in every industry is becoming an app company. Heroku Enterprise is a core part of the Salesforce App Cloud. App Cloud is the fastest way to build and deploy apps for customers, employees, and partners. By streamlining the app-building process — including giving you the basic building blocks so you never have to start from scratch — App Cloud gives you the agility to tackle your app backlog and take the lead in the app revolution. Within App Cloud, Heroku Enterprise is a cloud application platform that allows you to build, run and scale applications that drive engagement with your customers. Heroku manages all of the activities related to deploying, managing, scaling and securing your apps, allowing you to focus on a single focused goal: building great applications that differentiate your business.

With the new Heroku Enterprise Dev Starter package, we’ve made it easier to get started with Heroku Enterprise. The Dev Starter package is designed to support the development of custom applications, and includes Heroku Dynos, Heroku Add-ons, and Heroku Connect, along with 24x7 email support and automated application monitoring.

So why should every Salesforce customer get started with a Heroku Enterprise Dev Starter? Here are 4 ways in which Heroku Enterprise helps you deliver business results:

1. Create an "Innovation Lab" for your business.

Remove constraints and allow your developers to focus on driving core business value through innovation. Heroku Enterprise allows you to easily experiment with new app architectures, new systems of engagement, and an ecosystem of innovation around web, mobile, and IoT applications. Your apps run in smart containers which are part of an elastic runtime platform that provides orchestration, load balancing, security, logging, and more. Heroku Data Services, including the world’s largest fleet of Postgres under management, Redis, and Kafka (in public beta), can help drive new applications for business intelligence and insight.

2. Rapidly develop and prototype new apps, reducing your time to market and increasing your competitiveness.

Heroku Enterprise supports developer collaboration with shared application portfolios, allowing teams of developers, partners, and contractors to work together on the same group of apps for greater productivity and teamwork. With Heroku Flow, developers can easily build review apps with tight integration into a GitHub repository, driving a continuous delivery pipeline. At the same time, Heroku Enterprise includes the administrative controls and permissions to overlay the proper governance on your development process, providing enterprise guard rails without impacting the speed of development.

3. Easily connect and integrate with your Salesforce apps.

Unify your Heroku Enterprise applications with your Salesforce systems of record, for more engaging and personalized app experiences enriched with customer insights and connected with business process. Using bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and Heroku Postgres, Heroku Connect unifies the data in your Postgres database with the contacts, accounts and other custom objects in the Salesforce database. Easily configured with a point-and-click UI, it’s simple to get the service up and running in minutes — no coding or complex configuration required.

4. Securely extend your data center to a dedicated Heroku run time with Heroku Private Spaces.

If you are looking for the agility and developer experience of Heroku, but with the security and privacy of a private cloud, Heroku Private Spaces offers you the best of both worlds. A Private Space is a network — isolated group of apps and data services with a dedicated runtime environment, provisioned to Heroku in a geographic region you specify. With Private Spaces, you can build modern apps with the powerful Heroku developer experience and get enterprise-grade secure network topologies.

Want to learn more? Check out our quick demo video.