Summer is almost upon us, and you know what that means here at Salesforce ... no, we aren’t talking about swimsuit season ... the FutureForce interns are coming!

This season, the #SalesforceOhana will welcome more than 400 interns (our largest class to date) into our hands-on 12-week program. From San Francisco to São Paulo, our interns will be spread across 17 different global Salesforce office locations. We’ll get them up to speed on how our business runs, what our culture is all about … and then we’re going to put ’em to work!

The first wave of FutureForce interns will descend on our offices in late May and early June. So what do we know about Salesforce’s newest employees so far – other than the fact that they’re incredibly smart, talented, and just generally awesome? Well, we’ve pulled together a few fun facts:

1. Salesforce interns have traveled to an average of 6 countries, and are excited about working for a company that has a global impact.

Salesforce, being the worldwide leader in enterprise cloud computing, drew my attention,” says Sridhar Yadav Manoharan, a Software Engineer Intern in the San Francisco office. “I have the passion to deliver quality code and ensure a positive change to the way customers connect their businesses to the world.” Ryan Blair, a Financial Services Intern in New York, is just as excited. "Salesforce is a model company ranked on top of all categories."

2. The majority of our interns cite Salesforce’s 1-1-1 model as a major draw for why they chose to intern here.

“Salesforce stood out to me because its policies encourage employees to give back to the community, and that’s something I was raised to do and admire,” says Mariah Mathews, a Software Engineer Intern in our Indianapolis office. “Salesforce is not only progressive in the industry, but also in terms of social responsibility,” echos Lauren Daas, a Marketing Consultant Intern in Indianapolis.

3. The #1 word that our interns use to describe themselves is … passionate!

“Salesforce has an amazing company culture and environment that I have always wanted to be in. I am beyond excited to be offered an opportunity to intern here!” says Harsimran (Simi) Dhillon, a Technology Specialist Intern in our Indianapolis office. That passion extends to Luka Lee, a Business Development Representative in Toronto. “I am very excited to start my summer internship at Salesforce, and can’t wait to hear about the various activities I can take part in!”

4. The top field our interns say they hope to go into after graduation? Software Engineering … and they can’t wait to start testing out their skills here!

“Salesforce is the kind of place I have been looking for because of the innovative work environment and the opportunity to develop the world's best cloud-based CRM,” says Shikha Verma, a Software Engineer Intern in the San Francisco office. “It is an opportunity for me to learn new technologies with the best brains in the software industry.”

When it comes to choosing Salesforce for an internship over the competition, we think Software Engineer Intern Soumya Gosukonda says it best: “When a company gets it right, word travels.”

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