Salesforce Lightning is the future of CRM. Lightning connects all Salesforce products with one powerful platform, creating a single, connected experience for every user. It's a truly connected platform, built for a connected world.

Want to discover more about how Lightning can drive rapid growth for you and your sales team? Let’s dive into the phenomenal success that Brooksource — a privately held IT staffing company and a top 10% revenue-producer in their industry — has experienced with Lightning for sales.

Who’s Brooksource?

Established in 2003, Brooksource is a privately held IT staffing company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Brooksource focuses on contract, contract to hire, and direct placement resource needs across the country. Brooksource satisfies the needs of its clients with a high-touch, high-quality, relationship driven approach.

Brooksource has approximately 400 employees — 200 of whom are in sales. Today, the company operates among the top 10% of revenue producers in the IT staffing industry and its objective is to become the #1 IT staffing company in the world.

Why Brooksource Needed Better Sales Practices

Brooksource wanted to automate best-practice sales processes for its young and growing sales force that largely consists of millennials. To put it another way, Brooksource needed to a sales solution for their Instagram-generation sales reps.

Of the 350 employees in the sales organization, 200 are considered to be field sellers: 150 recruiters and 50 corporate employees. The recruiters focus on establishing candidate relationships and placing those candidates, while the direct salespeople focus on cold calling and building relationships with hiring organizations.

Lightning: The Modern Sales Solution

With its cutting-edge experience and features, the Lightning experience offered a better way for Brooksource reps to conduct their jobs day-to-day and facilitated collaboration across the team.  Most importantly, it helped bring Brooksource’s best practices to life.

“Lightning increased our call volume by almost 30%, and our users love it,” says John Causa, President, Brooksource. Also impressive: Brooksource is seeing 100% user adoption for Lightning, plus these additional benefits:

  • More targeted Call List generation, thanks to a more efficient process in Lightning
  • Simplified activity logging (like adding notes or activities like calls and meetings with clients) — and separation of notes and activities
  • Activity KPIs highly visible
  • Salesforce1 (in fact, many of Brooksource’s mobile-first reps prefer the mobile app to the browser because it keeps them in the field)

Lightning automates Brooksource’s sales strategy and optimizes the team’s ability to sell together. “The biggest improvement comes in the form of collaboration. It has been revolutionary for us,” says John. Lightning also provides the best possible experience for Brooksource’s sales reps (the evidence: 100% sales rep adoption) and can extend in the future as the company grows.

Here are John’s biggest tips for rolling out Lightning in your own organization:

  • Have a game plan for your deployment with clear dates.
  • Involve sales reps in the decision process.
  • Ensure training is built into the plan, focusing on user adoption.
  • Run an internal marketing campaign or contest with ideas on how to use Lightning.

Lightning for Sales Cloud, the world’s #1 sales app, is designed to let your sales team work exactly how they want, with the fastest way to build apps and connect to customers. Learn more about Lightning and get the latest information on our blog. Or Download 2016: The Year of Lightning, and learn more about how Salesforce can help you succeed.