In 2016, email is at the center of almost every marketing strategy - helping to build valuable customer relationships, create loyalty and engagement, and drive significant ROI. Eighty percent of marketers today agree that email is core to their business (click to tweet).

Top teams aren't just prioritizing email, they are getting smarter about their campaigns. How are these high-performing marketers going beyond traditional email marketing to create a personalized customer journey? 4 Email Practices of Marketing Masters spotlights successful email marketing trends, based on a survey of over 4,000 marketing leaders worldwide. Here are some quick stats:

  • Email is driving serious revenue. Among those who agree email is core to their business, nearly half (49%) say email is directly linked to their business' primary revenue source (click to tweet).

  • Top teams ensure email is integrated into their greater strategy in order to create a connected customer experience. Ninety percent of high-performing marketers agree or strongly agree that email is integrated into their overall marketing strategy (click to tweet).

  • Leading marketing teams focus on creating smarter email campaigns that feel personal and relevant to the customer. Top teams are 4.2x more likely than underperformers to leverage predictive intelligence or data science to create personalized emails (click to tweet).
  • Successful marketers use triggered emails to engage with customers when it matters most. To meet customers' real-time expectations, high-performing teams are 2.3x more likely than underperformers to trigger personalized emails in real time based on events (click to tweet).

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