While you take in some summer sun, enjoy a nearby beach, or sit in the air-conditioning trying to stay cool, Salesforce customers are installing and using innovative AppExchange apps designed to help with and grow all aspects of their businesses. The App Mavericks video series, which features Salesforce MVPs (also customers), interviewing app creators, now has dozens of videos to showcase these exciting apps. Here’s a look at DemandFarm, Intacct, Musqot, and Tact, which each offer incredible features to help your sales, back-office, marketing and operations teams.

So instead of thumbing through the latest summer novel, watch the latest App Mavericks videos below.

1. Identify and grow your key accounts with DemandFarm

If your business has closed deals and you now have a healthy customer roster, you know how challenging it can be to properly prioritize and service your customers. You have to make sure you can systematically manage and grow the accounts that, as DemandFarm CEO Milind Katti says, account for 80% of your revenue. Typically, these are large, complex, global clients referred to as key accounts. Salesforce MVP Lauren Jordan chatted with Katti to learn about DemandFarm, which enables you to “farm and mine” relationships to manage and grow business with your most strategic customers.

Key Quote from Katti: “The whole idea is to give you a lot of analytics, and use those analytics to plan and track your account, and succeed with your customers. We built DemandFarm based on data consumption, so you consume the data that already exists from Salesforce and start from there, rather than filling out a lot of form fields. We’re adaptable to sales methodologies that our customers have already invested in.”

2. Improve collaboration and visibility with Intacct Cloud ERP

Collaboration and coordination across organizations is tough, no matter the size. In particular, customer-facing employees and back-office employees notoriously struggle to provide each other with up-to-date information. Intacct set out to change that. Salesforce MVP Geraldine Gray interviewed Intacct CTO Aaron Harris to learn about Intacct Cloud ERP, which connects your front office employees using Salesforce with your back office employees using Intacct.

Key Quote from Harris: “We think integration is more than just moving data between systems. Our solution automates a lot of the manual processes like posting orders, and pushes information into Salesforce to allow your sales reps and account managements to have more meaningful information as they talk to customers.” 

3. Increase marketing efficiency and effectiveness with Musqot

Marketers have a lot to manage on a day-to-day basis. From budgeting, to campaign planning, to reporting, technology is often the only solution for marketers to keep it all in front. But as we learned from MVP Christine Pechter’s interview with CEO Oscar Nelson, Musqot is an app that helps marketers create and manage all aspects of their marketing plans.

Key Quote from Nelson: “On the efficiency side, customers use Musqot to build and manage all aspects of their marketing plans. On the effectiveness side, they use it to measure and visualize the correlation between marketing investments and actual business results.”

4. Increase Productivity with Tact, the human-friendly sales experience

Technology has improved businesses in myriad ways, but some of these tools have become a burden to employees. Tact, realizing that sales technology should map to the ways real people use technology on a daily basis, built an app that uses touch, text, and talk to interact with the people and systems in your daily sales activities. Salesforce MVP Becka Dente interviewed Tact CEO Chuck Ganapthi to learn how Tact improves productivity, collaboration, and sales performance.

Key Quote from Ganapthi: “In our personal lives, whether it’s using your iPhone, or calling a ride on Uber, or paying for your coffee on Square, we’re all really spoiled with amazing product experiences. Unfortunately at work, sales people are stuck with tools that hinder more than help them do their jobs. We think there’s a better way, so we built a sales experience...that gives people a simpler, more intuitive way to sell.”

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