Companies today are realizing the benefits of online communities, and it’s easy to see why.

Communities connect customers with experts, peers with shared interests, information, answers, and even other products they might like. They give customers a voice — to help companies improve, innovate, and evolve the products and services that customers want.

Communities let customers find answers themselves, and answer the questions of others. They’re not only a win for customers — they help deflect cases and reduce service costs.

For channel partners, communities make it simple to work with you because they integrate sales-process and third-party systems into one secure platform to easily access information. Communities put everything your partners need in one place — to help them close more deals, more quickly.

And for employees, communities improve support as a destination for HR information, logging tickets, and sharing questions and answers. Communities connect employees throughout the organization, so they can better collaborate and innovate, and be more productive.

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