Ask the best sellers and they'll tell you that their success is routed in the fact that they know they will always lose some of the opportunities, some of the time. That's why their success is routed in the vital skill of prospecting. In fact, it's the number-one activity that you need to do daily—and do well—to achieve long-term success as a sales professional. And, it’s the best skill to work on all summer long

Prospecting outranks every other skill and every other business habit simply because frankly you can't grow sales unless you first have people you can sell to. That's a fact that remains true no matter the size of your business, how successful you become and no matter how many sales records you break. And yet prospecting remains one of the most misunderstood aspects of selling.  In this video Colleen offers particle tips on how to master prospecting this summer to send your revenue soaring for the rest of the year!

Colleen Francis, Sales Expert, is the President of Engage Selling Solutions, and an award sales consultant, speaker and best-selling author, including the recent Nonstop Sales Boom. Business leaders trust Colleen to deliver immediate and lasting results with strategies proven to work in today’s competitive market. To follow Colleen and her latest sales insights, visit her blog, connect on LinkedIn and join the conversation on Twitter: @engagecolleen.