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Can you believe we’re already midway through July?! 2016 is flying by, so we thought we’d take a moment to pause and be reminded of some of our favorite blog posts we’ve published thus far (it was hard to pick just 10!).

1. 9 Negotiation Tactics that Kill Deals

You’ve heard a lot about negotiation tactics that win deals...but what about the ones that fail? Are you committing one of the cardinal sins on negotiation?

Read the post.

2. Salesforce Announces Salesforce Tower New York

When you think of Salesforce, you most likely think of San Francisco. But our company has an ever-expanding global presence, and employees and customers alike were buzzing about our announcement about a New York hub.

Check out the post.

BONUS! We also announced a Salesforce Tower Indianapolis, read that announcement here.

3. Salesforce CFO Shares His Top 12 Career Lessons

Salesforce CFO Mark Hawkins has spent his 35-year-long career in tech, so it’s safe to say he’s learned a thing or two along the way. He’s paying it forward by sharing some of his top lessons learned.

Get inspired here.

4. 5 Things You Need to Know About Lightning

Back in February we announced that 2016 is officially the Year of Lightning. But in case you’re not sure what all the excitement is all about, you can read up with this explainer.

Get informed here.

5. 13 Ways to Be a More Productive Sales Rep

If sales is in your title, why is it that 68% of a sales rep’s time is not spent selling? We’re here to help.

Get the tips by reading this post.

6. Here’s How 11 of the Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands Use Salesforce

Earlier this year, Forbes unveiled its list of the 100 most valuable brands in the world. We took a look at the list and realized that 85 have one thing in common: Salesforce. 

Find out how Salesforce powers 11 top companies here.

7. The Top 10 Innovation Killers — and How to Neutralize Them

Innovation has become a bit of a buzzword (okay, a lot of a buzzword). And in the process people seem to have forgotten that true innovation is actually really, really hard. What’s stopping innovation in its tracks? We take a look at 10 of the main culprits.

Neutralize innovation-killers by reading this post.

8. How Analytics is Predicting the Fate of Jon Snow

By now the Game of Thrones season 6 finale has come and gone, but even before the season premiered we had some ideas of who would survive the season (and who wouldn’t). Are we magical TV oracles? Not quite — analytics leant a helping hand.

Find out if the predictions were right here.

9. Key Trends that are Transforming the Advertising Industry in 2016

Digital advertising is undergoing some massive shifts and it’s hard to keep track of it all. Here are four of the main trends to keep your eye on.

Stay informed here.

10. Equality at Salesforce: The Equal Pay Assessment Update

We’ve made equality a core value for our company and committed to doing a comprehensive analysis of the salaries of more than 17,000 global employees to determine if men and women were being paid equally.

Here’s what we found.

We would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to take the people that make the Salesforce Blog truly great — our readers! If you’ve got an idea for how we can better serve your needs, drop us a line at