Can you believe we’re 50 days away from Dreamforce? That’s right. The largest gathering of Customer Trailblazers is upon us once again. Whether you’re brand new to Dreamforce or a seasoned veteran, we’re gearing up to make Dreamforce bigger and better than before.

As of August 15, we’re officially 50 days out from Dreamforce. So here are 50 solid reasons why you should go to Dreamforce this year!

1. Trailhead

2. GIFs


3. Tony Robbins

4. Billie Jean King

5. San Francisco

6. Melinda Gates

7. Deb Dugan

8. Sales Summit

9. SaaSy

10. U2

11. Networking

12. The sessions

13. CoderDojo

14. Over 400 Partners

15. The swag, baby

DF Backpacks.jpg

16. Cloudy the Goat

17. Marc Benioff

18. Marc Benioff’s shoes

19. The largest gathering of customer trailblazers

20. The Dreamfest at the Cloud Palace

21. Giving back

22. Breakout sessions

23. Salesforce “Ohana” culture

24. Training

25. Thousands of demos

26. Diversity across Dreamforce

27. Put all your Content Corner info to good use

28. Developer Forest

29. Big ideas

30. Admin Meadow

31. Parties

32. Dreamtalks

33. Salesforce Foundation

34. Salesforce Campground

35. The Success Community

36. What can’t you learn from one of the world’s most innovative company?

37. Astro!

Astro Blog FE.jpg

38. It’s always sunny in California....well until Karl the Fog rolls around!

39. The chance to wear some really comfortable shoes


40. Rep. John Lewis

41. Mary T. Barra

42. Meeting your favorite MVPs and #Salesforce social media friends IRL

43. Celeb-spotting

44. Breaking your record for most steps in a day.

45. Building new partnerships

46. The adrenaline rush on the first day.

47. The thrill of your second (third, and fourth) wind!

48. A renewed appreciation for coffee.

49. Unforgettable moments that you just had to be there for.

50. Going home inspired, tired and happy!

Ready to blaze your trail at Dreamforce? We can’t wait to see you. Get really prepped for Dreamforce with the official trail! Develop your game plan, make the most of your time at Dreamforce, and become a Salesforce speaker here.

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