A big mistake small business owners make when trying to grow sales, is thinking that only the sales department is responsible for revenue generation. Everyone—from delivery people to folks in accounting, from managers to front line service staff—have a role to play in transforming individual action into profit.

Every time an employee talks to your customer, they’re representing your company and are going to determine the health of that business relationship. I had a client in the office supply sector who learned this lesson the hard way. In trying to understand why their return sales were flagging, they discovered their product assemblers had a habit of saying very unflattering things about the product that the customer just bought…and told them this to their faces while they installed the product! This was turned around by retraining their installers and instilling in them the importance of how to communicate with customers. 

Listen to this video for more real life examples and ideas on how to convert every department in your small business into a profit center.

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