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Marketing isn’t worth much if you’re not connected to your customer. You could spend months creating the most perfect message in the world, or the most beautiful ad — but if no one’s there to consume it, your marketing has no impact.

But don’t get discouraged. This is a perfect time for you to re-evaluate how you’re tailoring your company’s messages to each individual customer, and making sure you’re connecting with them from all those devices they’re juggling. There are so many tools marketers can (and should) use to blend the physical and digital worlds and create a more closely connected, personalized experience for their customers.

Now is the time for you to consider your marketing team the keepers of every customer experience.

We don’t take that task lightly at Salesforce, which is why we crafted this free e-book meant to give you awesome insights and some marketing secrets that will make the customer journey all that much deeper.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

Be relevant in your industry:

In order to market in a relevant way to your customers, you have to speak their language — an industry-specific language. We call this the language of the customer. For marketing at Salesforce, that means expanding the way that we tell our customers’ stories, focusing on them and their industry first, and the product second.

Create internal marketing campaigns:

Tap into the powerful connection between employee and product, and employees will be your greatest marketing asset.

Get Smart about content marketing:

Where many companies miss the mark is in the strategic aspect of content marketing: It’s easy enough to start a blog, for example, and many companies fail to consider whether they need one, what its role in the buyer journey should be, or how they’ll measure success.

That’s all we’re giving you for now. But you can get more marketing secrets from Salesforce here, and set your company on the right path toward success.