Dreamforce is big, awesome, and can be a career-changing week. Savvy veterans of this epic event know that to get the most out of it, you’ve got to do some planning ahead of time. To help you with this, we want to make sure you’re aware of some of the top data-related sessions. We have amazing speakers and customers sharing trends, tips, and best practices for how Sales Operations, Sales Leaders, Marketing, and more about using data in Salesforce top fuel their business. We’ve also loaded up the goodie truck with gifts for all types of data-lovers, and even some extra special giveaways for several lucky session attendees. We hope to see you in some of these sessions, in the product campground, or around the Dreamforce campus.

The Future of Data Integration in Salesforce

We’re building a new way for customers to integrate and manage data in Salesforce. Come learn how you’ll be able to get key customer insights from third-party data vendors by integrating into your CRM with clicks, not code.

When: Tuesday, 10/4 @ 10:30am & Thursday, 10/6 @ 9:00am

The First Steps to Successful Account-Based Marketing

ABM is all the buzz in the B2B marketing world. Stop by this session to hear from one of the trail blazers in the space, Sangram Vajre of Terminus. We’ll be talking about the importance of data in developing account-based plans, and how to use that data to get real results.

When: Tuesday, 10/4 @ 12:30pm

Best Practices for Data Governance & Stewardship in Salesforce

This is one of our most popular topics, and will feature in-depth, hands-on tips and guidance on how to build a plan for optimal storage, use and maintenance of your data. You’ll hear from our high-level strategic services team who has worked with customers across the board on structuring and implementing data plans. We’ll also be joined by Salesforce’s data guru and hear how data is managed inside the CRM leader.

When: Tuesday, 10/4 @ 2:30pm

2016 Trends in Sales & Marketing Data feat. Mary Wardley of IDC

We’ve worked with IDC over the past few months on a study to understand how B2B sales and marketing teams are using data. Mary Wardley, who led the effort, will take us through some of the interesting findings, and tell us what she’s seeing as bigger trends in the market.

When: Wednesday, 10/5 @ 10:00am

Destroying Duplicates in Lightning

Almost all companies with CRM have experienced problems with duplicates at one time or another. Our product teams are taking this on and bringing valuable new features to Sales Cloud to help you detect and merge duplicates. Here about what they’re making available for the Winter release, and their plans for the future.

When: Wednesday, 10/5 @ 8:30am

The State of Sales Ops feat. Brian Selby of McKinsey

Expert Partner, Brian Selby, will be joining us to share what he’s seeing from best-in-class companies in Sales Operations, and how they’re using data and technology to improve productivity.

When: Thursday, 10/6 @ 8:30am

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