Dreamforce is without a doubt one of the greatest times of the year when thousands of attendees converge onto San Francisco for the best tech event imaginable. Dreamforce gives you the opportunity to learn anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Salesforce, to hear how other customers are using Salesforce to find success, to ask experts any of your burning questions about Salesforce, and to network with other attendees from every walk of life.

Many of you pulled out your suitcases, cloud socks, and bright blue gear months ago to get ready for the big event, but did you know that you have access to the Dreamforce experience all year?

Dreamforce outpost- User Groups.jpg

Salesforce User Groups are customer-organized groups that meet to learn, share ideas, network, and get best practices on how to get the most out of Salesforce. There are hundreds of user groups around the world, including several different types such as General Knowledge, Product, Nonprofit, Women in Tech, and Affinity groups.

One of the great benefits of being a User Group Member is getting to participate in exclusive User Group opportunities throughout the year. This year, because we know not everyone can make it to Dreamforce, we’re trying something new by bringing Dreamforce to a User Group near you!

We’ve partnered with hundreds of User Group Leaders around the world to host Dreamforce Outpost Viewing Parties for their local communities. Join a Dreamforce Outpost near you to watch the Dreamforce keynote live with your community, participate in exclusive Dreamforce Outpost content and activities, and of course, to score some swag created just for you!  We have 156 community-led Salesforce User Groups participating in a Dreamforce Outpost in over 30 different countries around the world.These events are open to anyone, so sign up for an Outpost near you to join in on the Dreamforce fun or sign up for a User Group near you to join your local Salesforce community.

See a list of all of the Dreamforce Outpost locations and sign up here.

To join a Salesforce User Group near you, visit salesforceusergroups.com