True geniuses exhibit much more than exceptional IQs. Brilliant minds like Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Nicola Tesla, and of course Albert Einstein are equally known for the application of knowledge to problem solving.

While we doubt we'll be winning a Nobel Prize any time soon, we're pleased to announce that Email Studio now includes artificial intelligence (AI) powered by Salesforce Einstein. Einstein combines machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, smart discovery, and predictive analytics to help our customers get smarter and more predictive about their customers. With Einstein, marketers can:

  • Discover insights that bring new clarity on their customers
  • Predict outcomes so they can make decisions with confidence
  • Get recommended next actions that make the most of every engagement
  • Automate tasks so they can focus on customer success

Artificial Intelligence for Email Marketers

Admittedly, the idea of adding AI to your email program may seem a little like science fiction, but in reality it's something you can do today. Machine learning is a lot more common than we may realize. For example, when we ask Siri a question, or our favorite music apps suggest songs based on our listening habits, AI and machine learning are at work.

As an email marketer, Einstein allows you to do things like discover insights about your email campaigns, identify patterns on when people are opening your email, and understand what content drives action. You can then identify audiences that may present a new opportunity that you may not have seen before. For example, the system may help you realize that a certain product or offer connects with a key demographic.

All of this means that our customers don't have to be experts in AI or rely on data science teams to consume predictive insights. It also means that predictive insights and recommended next best steps are surfaced more readily. Einstein is embedded inside of Email Studio so no developer work is required. It's constantly running in the background, accessing new data inputs, building insights and predictions around data, and then displaying the most important discoveries through smart features that help guide marketers across the customer journey.

The bottom line? Einstein enables you to predict the ideal email audience, identify the best time to send campaigns, and how to best to engage with your customers and subscribers. This makes your marketing programs much more efficient because you can set the framework for your email marketing and let the data decide the content for the message.

Here's how.

Leverage Customer Behavior

With Einstein, Email Studio makes it simple to create predictive email based on customer behavior. It starts with email templates and drag-and-drop content blocks.

Add Predictive Intelligence

Next, you can quickly edit the block and leverage predictive intelligence with dozens of prebuilt rules. Also, you can easily customize the block for number of items to include things like images or pricing.

Preview Before Send

Now you've created an email that is unique to each and every subscriber. Before you send, there is one last send--preview to ensure everything looks correct, and then tab through the list. Time to send!

Get Started with Smarter Email Marketing

Now, you don't have to be an expert in AI or rely on data science teams to consume predictive insights. With Email Studio, predictive insights and recommended next best steps are ready and waiting. Interested in learning more? Check out Salesforce Einstein.