In today’s digitally connected world, you will need to be a digital master to keep in pace with the market needs and drive business growth and value. At this year's Dreamforce Emerging Trends track, we have lined up 40+ high-impact sessions with a big focus on how to drive digital business transformation & design for innovation and how you can leverage the emerging trends combined with Salesforce products and solutions to drive business growth & value. Please join us to hear from industry visionaries, thought leaders, our customers and partners who will be sharing their perspectives and success stories

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We will be kicking off the #DF16 Emerging trends track with a kickoff session on Oct 4th 11 AM at Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel, Grand Ballroom B. Industry visionaries and thought leaders Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research Salesforce, Kevin Bandy, CDO at Cisco, and Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer at ZDNet, will be sharing some latest trends in the digital space and how these will shape the future of business. In addition Peter Schwartz, Salesforce Futurist, will be presenting on the future of technology, Dion Hinchcliffe will be presenting on Vital trends in Digital Experience & Transformation in 2016 and Jeff Loucks, a visiting scholar at IMD Business School's Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, director with Cisco's digitization office & author of Digital Vortex, will be presenting on Digital Vortex: How Today’s Market Leaders Can Beat Disruptive Competitors At Their Own Game

Drive Digital Business Transformation

To be a digital master, you will need to (1) have strong leadership capabilities to build awareness of digital trends, opportunities & threats, assess digital maturity, drive a compelling digital vision, reinvent business models, identify new digital technologies that impact your business, engage & mobilize the organization at scale, build a digital culture and continuously ensure maximum adoption & value and sustain the change, and (2) have strong digital capabilities to put the customer at the heart of the digital strategy & transformation, and design for innovation and the customer experience outside in, increase & engage the customer 1:1 where it matters and make data driven insights to drive key business decisions.

Hear from our Salesforce leadership and customers on how they are driving digital business transformation and becoming a digital master - CXO Panel: How Salesforce is Driving Digital Business Transformation, How Salesforce is Driving Digital Transformation & Innovation Internally, A Strategic Perspective on Driving Digital Business Transformation & Innovation, Disruptive Transformation: Reshaping Communications Industry in Emerging Markets, 5 Leadership Keys to Successful Digital Transformation and Catching the Digital Transformation Wave. Join us to hear from Toyota Financial Services on an amazing case study on their Business Driven Digital Transformation journey

Designing for Innovation

Companies must continually pivot and seek ways to create new ideas, change direction and remain competitive. You need to utilize design thinking to digitally transform your company and unlock new opportunities. Innovation is defining the modern enterprise. You need to practice your user-centered design skillsets with hands-on, interactive, workshop-based sessions. Join us to hear on how you can (1) develop your vision in sessions Achieve Breakthroughs with Design Thinking and 5 Critical Actions to Enterprise-Wide Innovation (2) ideate on opportunities & prototype in sessions Negative Brainstorming - harness your inner evil genius for ideation and Live Experience Mapping - kickstart your customer research (3) drive value to your organization in sessions Rapid Prototyping for Business Value: A Hands-On Workshop and From Innovation to Dollars & Cents

Enable Transformation with Modern Digital Business Architecture & Data Driven Insights

Enterprises are looking to technology to enable and empower their next generation business models as part of their transformation efforts. Technology landscape is rapidly changing and it’s becoming ever so difficult for enterprises to stay current. Also, in this digital age, customers are demanding more ways to connect with businesses. Come and join us to learn how stay ahead in this digital age.

Our panelists made up of customers from Workday, Toyota Financial Services will immerse you on transformations that are taking place in their organization through modern architectures in the Business Architectures for the Digital Age session. Digital transformation revolves around identity; understanding and recognizing them across every channel, and applying that context to your apps and business processes for enabling a customer aware platform. Come and join us in this session Identities for the Digital Age, where our panelists from Salesforce product management and Services team along with customers like Deloitte will discuss identity architectures that enable a customer aware platform and suggest best practices to delighting customers. Modern Architectures: Architecting for Compliance and Restoring your Data and Service: Innovative Approaches to Business Continuity sessions will discuss on how you can comply with various regulations and business continuity. Hear from our data science experts on how they are leveraging data science & customer intelligence to drive transformation in sessions Get Ready for the New Digital Age with Machine Learning, Driving Customer Intelligence Through Effective Practices and Modern Data Management Practices: How to Generate Powerful Customer Insights

Reinvent Business Models by leveraging IoT

Join our panelist of customer and partners led by Peter Coffee as they discuss and explore new and meaningful ecosystems and business models enabled by IoT in the session Has IoT Come of Age? Is It Enabling the Actionable Insights?. Hear from our customers and partners on how they are evolving their own products, services and operations and helping their customers join the connected revolution by leveraging IoT in sessions Smart Cities Finding Actionable Insights from Big Data, Freight Farms: Connected Agriculture & the IoT Journey, Connected Building: How Digitization is Transforming Commercial Buildings and New England Biolabs 4.0 : Collaboration Advancing Science Through the IoT

See what the future of IoT has in store with visionaries, Peter Coffee and Charlie Isaacs, as they give their spin on the internet of things, its evolution since the IoT Cloud announcement at Dreamforce '15, and what they expect at the event in 2016.