My favorite time of year is here: Dreamforce! Every year I meet awesome new people, see old friends, and get a chance to show off my dance moves. This year we’re back with even more fun things up our sleeves.

Last year, I tackled a few ways for you to get SaaSy at Dreamforce. Most of those tips still apply, with a few updates, of course. This year, I wanted to talk about something very important: my posse. I think my squad definitely beats Taylor Swift’s squad in terms of cuteness and personality, don’t you? I don’t want to brag, but I’m really proud of all of my pals and I want you to get to know them. You’ll see them around the Dreamforce, so don’t forget to say hello and take a picture. And remember, even if you can’t make it to San Francisco this year, be sure to catch all the latest on Salesforce Live.


Chatty and Sassy Love Chatter!.jpg

Chatty is an old pal of mine. We both have several Dreamforce events under our belts, so we know what to expect, how to navigate the campus, and where all the action is. Chatty really loves the new Events mobile app. It has all of the session details, session Trail Maps, transportation information and Chatter (Chatty’s favorite!) to stay on top of the latest conversations. The events app is a must for Dreamforce newbies and seasoned pros.


redastrohug.jpgAs a true outdoors mascot, Astro can usually be found running around on Trailhead, helping everyone learn Salesforce. In fact, Astro’s passion for helping customer trailblazers and fun-loving enthusiasm has spread, and you’ll see the spirit of Trailhead infused all across Dreamforce. But one thing that Astro is really pumped about is Salesforce’s partnership with U2’s Bono and his organization (RED), an organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness of the fight against AIDS. This year, our goal is to raise one million dollars for (RED). I know we can do it, together! You’ll be seeing lots of (RED) at Dreamforce and there will be numerous ways to get involved. Make like Astro and get inspired!


Slack for iOS Upload.jpg

As you wander the campus, be on the lookout for Codey, my photo-crazed ursine friend. Codey may look a little gruff on the outside, but is the sweetest bear ever (and is surprisingly good at playing stringed instruments!). Codey is really excited about the 1st floor of Moscone West this year. Have you heard? It’s an all new Trailhead Zone! It’ll be the epicenter of learning at Dreamforce and a place where some of the most awesome Salesforce communities can meet and mingle: our awesome admins and developers. There’s Admin Meadow, where admins can make connections and develop new skills. There’s also the Developer Forest, filled with workshops, IoT activities, and technical consultations. Sounds like Codey will be right at home in the Trailhead Zone.


Einstein GIF.gif

Einstein is a new friend of mine, but I’m sure you will like him as much as I do. To call him smart is an understatement; he might be the most intelligent friend I have. Einstein knows about cool things like artificial intelligence, robots, predictive analytics. And the best part is that he loves to use his knowledge to help people. Salesforce Einstein is about removing the complexity of AI and enabling more companies to deliver better customer experiences through AI for CRM. We can’t wait to show you what Einstein can do at Dreamforce!


Then there is me! I’ll be there to greet everyone and put everyone in a great mood. I’ve been practicing my selfie pose and am ready to bring the energy! You’ll see me all over the campus and maybe even on stage warming up the crowds before keynotes. Speaking of keynotes, have you checked out the amazing speaker lineup we have this year? I’m really looking forward to hearing all the different perspectives and knowledge these innovators will share. And then to party the night away at Dreamfest with U2, aka one of the greatest bands in the world?! It’s going to be unforgettable. I can’t wait! See you all next week!