At Salesforce, we consider the environment to be a key stakeholder. Once again, we’re working to make Dreamforce sustainable by conserving resources, sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and inspiring our attendees to do the same. You’ll see sustainable programs all around campus from waste management and drought-friendly food choices to environmental sessions. Learn more in our Road to Dreamforce episode.

Anyone can be a #GreenHero at Dreamforce. We’re excited to hit the trail with you to show you what’s making this Dreamforce standout. Let’s walk through the first day of #DF16 in a #GreenHero’s shoes...

7:00 AM - Start the day

Unless you’re local, you’re most likely staying in one of San Francisco’s eco-friendly hotels who operate with the environment in mind. While these hotels are eco-conscious, you can help make a difference by opting out of hotel laundry service for linens and towels and save 10 gallons of water. California has been facing a serious drought so every action helps. Start your day with a short shower and save 2.5 gallons per minute!

8:00 AM - Get to Dreamforce

From your hotel, you can take any one of our low-carbon transportation choices. Share your ride! Make the most of our free shuttles, hop on public transit such as BART or Muni, or use your favorite ridesharing app’s carpool feature. Go completely carbon free by walking or biking - we even have a free bike valet in Jessie Square!

9:00 AM - Stay hydrated

This year’s backpack comes with a reusable water bottle for you to use throughout Dreamforce. You’ll find water refill stations located throughout campus to keep you hydrated. By refilling your Dreamforce bottle instead of buying bottled water you’ll save half a gallon of water each refill.

10:00 AM - Explore campus

As you get familiar with campus, you’ll notice orange solar-powered lanterns strung around different spaces. These innovative lanterns come from d.light, a global social enterprise that provides reliable solar energy to people in the developing world that lack access to electricity. Salesforce also supports the clean energy movement as we work to eventually power our global operations with 100% renewable energy.

11:30 AM - Grab lunch

You’re probably getting pretty hungry midday, so go on and grab your lunch. Each lunchbox is 100% compostable. When you’ve finished eating, toss the entire box into a green compost bin. Confused by the 3-bin waste system? No problem! A Green Angel (one of our employee volunteers) will be happy to help you.

12:00 PM - Attend inspiring sessions

Don’t take too long eating because you won’t want to miss the Earthforce Session at 12 PM in the Palace Hotel. Our employee green team members will be sharing 5 easy steps to integrate sustainability into any organization.

3:00 PM - Chill on Dreampark

Take an afternoon break on the Dreampark and explore the new life we’ve given to some old shipping containers. They’ll be reinvented as fun spaces like the Cloud Cafe, Dreamfort, Rock Lodge, and (RED) pop-up store!

4:00 PM - Recharge your phone

Does your cell phone battery need a little fuel? Stop by the pedal powered recharge stations in the Trailhead area in Moscone West. Charge and get a workout!

5:00 PM - Get involved

Have a minute after a long #GreenHero day? We’re offsetting 100% of onsite emissions and employee travel emissions. Join us! Contribute $5 to offset your travel emissions and water usage; this is equivalent to 900 car miles (or 2,200 flight miles) and 4 showers.

6:00 PM - Enjoy the Welcome Reception

Wrap up your day with some food and drinks at the Welcome Reception. We’ve made #DroughtFriendly choices, like going beefless, saving more than 3.5 million gallons of water.

It doesn’t take much to be a #GreenHero. Help us make this the most sustainable Dreamforce yet by doing your part. Stay up to date with the latest by joining the Sustainability at Dreamforce in the Success Community.