Today, we’re excited to announce that we are extending Salesforce CPQ for service teams. Now service reps can also provide customers with a seamless buying experience using the same configure, price, quote technology that has empowered sales organizations to close deals faster than ever.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is an integral part of the the revenue driving process for any B2B business. It’s the end-to-end process that covers the revenue side of the sales lifecycle, from the time a sales or service rep or channel reseller configures a product or service, to pricing, quote creation and execution. All too often, companies are either managing their quote process through manual tools like Excel, or running home-grown CPQ systems that are expensive to build and time-consuming to maintain, resulting in a slow or error-prone quoting process. These antiquated systems can slow productivity and deliver a poor customer experience. Yet, with a streamlined, modern CPQ system like Salesforce CPQ, all of these issues can be addressed.

By extending Salesforce CPQ, we are enabling companies to reap even more benefits from CPQ.

  • CPQ for Service extends quoting capabilities to service teams, allowing service reps to offer the right cross-sell or upsell solution at any time in a service interaction. CPQ for Service empowers service reps to edit contracts and create and send professionally-branded quotes. In addition, by enabling service reps with CPQ technology, the number of team members who are empowered to sell is expanded, giving sales reps more time to nurture new deals and makings the overall buying process easier for customers.
  • CPQ with Order Management streamlines orders and makes it possible to split one quote into multiple orders. Without Order Management, it’s cumbersome and complicated to manage high-volume orders and accommodate changes to existing orders. Now, for example, it’s easier for companies to accommodate different ship dates within the same order.
  • CPQ Product Bundle Upgrades make it possible for service reps to offer new products, service upgrades or bundles to customers in one simple step, transforming a process that can otherwise take several steps. Now, Salesforce allows service reps to quickly increase and decrease quantities in a product bundle and update pricing, all in one step.

To learn more about what CPQ can do for your business, visit us online.

Pricing & Availability

Salesforce CPQ for Service is available to all customers with a Sales + Service edition.