Artificial intelligence (AI) is often thought of as something in the distant future—a sci-fi fantasy. Well, it’s not. It’s here, and it’s transforming how we interact with technology. In fact, it’s changing the way we interact with each other. Many people don’t realize just how prevalent artificial intelligence is, or how much it’s a part of their lives already. That’s because the best AI is invisible.

Every time you ask Apple’s Siri a question, or search for a product on Amazon, AI is at work—guiding you through the easiest path to the best possible result. Sites like Netflix even use recommendations to engage with viewers and can predict movies you might enjoy based on what others with similar interests have watched.

When AI works well, services work better—they work the way we want them to. They predict our favorite choices and put them at the top of the list. They automatically know which addresses to select for a message based on the subject matter and our social circles. They remember what we are most interested in and alert us to new developments in that area. AI should, and can, make everything easier.

Salesforce Einstein makes it possible for any company to deliver smarter, faster, and more productive and personalized customer experiences. What is most important to Salesforce Community Cloud customers is that Einstein’s intelligence will automatically discover and surface relevant insights, predict answers to solve questions fast, and proactively make recommendations. It will even automate certain tasks. And you don’t have to do a thing. Einstein puts the best alternative right in front of you.

Einstein helps Community Cloud customers find exactly what they need—illuminating the quickest path to the best information so they get answers fast. Your whole community experience is better. Related articles, questions, experts and topics are recommended—so you find the right information, faster. And because Einstein tracks the most popular pages and posts, you’re guided to new community members, groups, and resources. Einstein can even learn from your community engagement history to proactively make recommendations about content, helping you find the answer you’re looking for.

Can Einstein ensure that your customers, partners, and employees find the absolute best information? Faster than ever before? All while being engaged in a personalized experience? Yes. And here are some of the ways it does just that:

Recommended Experts, Articles and Topics

Salesforce Einstein creates the optimal community experience for each customer. That’s the power of AI. It suggests articles, experts, Q&A, and topics that are closely related to each customer’s interests.

Automated Service Escalation

Salesforce Einstein automatically creates a case on Service Cloud if customers need immediate attention. Community managers can even train Einstein with keywords or phrases to boost results. An immediate case escalation can be triggered by a word like “broken” or if a question remains unanswered for a specific period of time.

Newsfeed Insights

Salesforce Einstein tailors content to what customers are looking for. It delivers useful information to each user by highlighting the most relevant content for the topic. When Einstein generates “Top Questions,” it lists them in order of what’s most important to each subject–relevance of views, likes, and comments are considered, not just the most recent or newest postings.  

Salesforce Einstein is here today, and it’s bringing the power of artificial intelligence to Community Cloud and every Salesforce user.

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