Fall just began but the Winter ‘17 release is here! Do you know what that means? We’re bundling up to go play in the snow with another round of customer-sourced features on the IdeaExchange!

 For those of you not familiar, the IdeaExchange is the place where customers like you can share, vote and comment on product enhancements.  2016 marks ten years of customer driven innovation and if you haven’t checked it out already, no better time than the present!  Who knows, your submitted idea might make the product!  

 How many Ideas have been delivered in this release? 50 ideas and over 92,000 vote points! Here are some of the major highlights:

Set Up Customizable Campaign Influence

Get Field-Level Help in Lightning Experience

Load Up Your Feed Posts with Ten Files in Lightning Experience

 We break down delivered ideas into the following categories:

 Generally Available (GA) Ideas

 Generally available ideas are those that are available immediately for everyone. We delivered over 45 GA Ideas and 81k+ Idea points this release.

Lightning only

These Ideas are available to all customers who have adopted Salesforce Lightning.  Lightning is our innovative, next generation user experience. There are close to 30k Idea points delivered amongst the 12 Ideas delivered in Lightning only for Winter ‘17. Check out some of our admin-focused Lightning blog posts and webinars here.

Partially Delivered

Sometimes an Idea can have one or more Ideas wrapped into it, touch multiple products or take more than one release to fully deliver. When we deliver part of an Idea (versus the whole Idea), we give it a status of “Partial Delivery." In Winter ‘17 we partially delivered 4 Ideas and nearly 6k Idea points.

Pilot/Beta Ideas

We often have Ideas that we that we want to test with a portion of our customer base. We call these “pilots”. In addition, some Ideas may also be available to all customers as beta until we later consider them finalized and ready for a more formal debut. We have 1 new Idea worth over 4k points that is in Pilot/Beta status for Winter ‘17.

Be sure to check out all the features delivered in the Winter ‘17 Release Notes and all the delivered Ideas in Winter ‘17 on the IdeaExchange.

Winter is here so cozy up with friends and dive into this fresh batch of delivered features. What are you most looking forward to testing out?