We're in the age of the customer. And to reach those hyperconnected and multi-device customers, three channels are on every marketer's priority list: email, social, and mobile.

In the new Salesforce e-book, Marketing Field Guide for the Customer Trailblazer, we explain how marketers can craft a connected experience across those three channels and all the other ways you interact with your audience, whether B2B or B2C. If you're looking for tactical guidance as a digital marketer in this changing world, this field guide is your ticket.

From that e-book, here are five marketing tips for each of these three key channels to help you get started — five for email, five for social, and five for mobile. Download the full guide for many more details.

5 Email Marketing Tips

1. For quicker sends, create a pre-approved library. Store and share pre-approved assets, and set custom approval rules to help teams build engaging emails and campaigns quickly.

2. Add intelligence to every email. Place relevant content in emails based on customer behavior and attributes. Even if your personalization tactics aren't the most sophisticated yet, try adding at least one personalized element to every message.

3. Adopt a mobile-first mindset. More than 50% of all emails are now opened on mobile devices — and consumers will delete or unsubscribe if your emails don’t work on mobile. Create custom templates that make emails look great on mobile devices, where the majority of email subscribers check their messages.

4. Stay flexible and keep an eye on the data. If something isn’t converting the way you’d hoped, a link or list could be the problem, so stay in contact with your analysts. 

5. Update your preference center. A robust preference center allows your subscribers to decide which emails they receive, and when. Offer plenty of options so you're not over-communicating and losing subscribers.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Listen to the social conversation. Analyze social conversations from millions of different sources with social media monitoring software. Discover what customers are saying about your brand, products, and competitors.

2. Maintain a single view of your social voice across networks. Your brand should still sound like you, even across different social channels, so plan, schedule, publish, and promote social posts across multiple accounts and networks from a single view.

3 Create a social swipe file. Social media is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation for brands. Collect examples of your favorite social campaigns so you can draw inspiration. These examples might include organic social posts, short videos that were repurposed across a brand’s digital channels like email and Vine, and perfectly targeted and timed ads. 

4. Capitalize on precisely targeted social ads. Target with all CRM data across sales, service, and marketing. Securely use customer data from any source to drive digital advertising.

5. Align ad campaigns with other channels. Use Journey Builder to connect advertising to the rest of business — from your marketing strategy to your sales teams.

5 Mobile Marketing Tips

1. Know your mobile messaging options. Send alerts based on customer behavior and actions through SMS, in-app push notifications, and group messaging. You have plenty of ways to communicate with customers on mobile in their preferred channels.

2. Link your mobile strategy with other channels. Use mobile strategies to drive email subscriptions. Increase fans and followers on social networks, and inspire visits to your website or online store.

3. Send time-sensitive alerts or reminders with mobile. Send notifications of a promotion or sale, and respond in an instant to trends in your industry with relevant mobile content.

4. Target customers based on geofencing technology. Engage customers when they’re closest to you by using geofencing technology to send messages based on their proximity to your store or event. 

5. Remember that SMS is one of the most personal channels. SMS has a 98% open rate, so tread lightly here. You want to communicate on this channel much less frequently than email or social.

Ready to learn more? Download Marketing Field Guide for the Customer Trailblazer now for tips on 1-to-1 marketing all the way from awareness to advocacy.