Life is full of tough decisions, especially for new grads straight out of university, like “how do you set-up a pension plan, what health insurance should I choose, Mac or PC?”

While we can’t help you all the decisions, Salesforce has made the choice of “business or tech” a little easier with our Success Graduate Program in Europe.

This uniquely designed 12-month program allows graduates to work alongside the entire business consulting and technical consulting teams (in the Salesforce world, the “Customer Success Group” (CSG) and the “Solution Engineering” (SE) teams), where they will develop their consulting skills and work on real life customer and internal projects.

So, how do you get hired for the Success Graduate Program? Our hiring managers offer their top 4 tips to getting your foot in the door:

1. Make Your Experience Relevant

Alright, so you don't have 10+ years of industry experience, but can you still apply what you did in college to the role at Salesforce. Carl Dempsey, VP Solution Engineering, says he often asks candidates if they ran a club or a society - it could show that they’re an organizer, or a "getting things done" kind of person. We also like to hear about student projects, to see what kind of work they may have done around tech or customer experience.

2. Research Salesforce

We want to see that you’ve done your homework! Taking a Trailhead journey, or checking out our blogs and news articles prior to your interview would be a good place to start says David Buchanan, Senior Director, Success Manager CSG.

3. Be Authentic

“We want to get to know you, the real you,” says Ciarae Schumann, Success Manager CSG.  Our managers are not looking for perfection or a set "type" of person. So, bring your true, authentic self to your interview or assessment day - we can’t wait to meet you!      

4. Be Enthusiastic

Marco Badorrek, Practice Lead Solution Architecture EMEA Central, says his team is “always looking for people with a passion for technology and innovation. We don’t yet expect you to have dozens of projects on your resume, you’re just starting out - but we do expect you to have lots of ideas and enthusiasm!”

So are you ready to launch your career with our #SalesforceOhana as Success Graduate? Apply today at