Salesforce customers consistently share how AppExchange apps help them blaze trails across their businesses. We hear anecdotes of efficiency gains, increased revenue, and improved quality of life for employees. But we also seek the tangible metrics that stem from the installation of apps. On our monthly Connected Leaders webinar (watch the most recent episode here), we speak with executives to understand the quantitative impact that apps have on their businesses.

Over the last few months, we’ve heard amazing stories and results from customers who use AppExchange apps. Here are nine of those stories, highlighted by results that show just how impactful these apps have been.  

1. With Accounting Seed, Internet Creations sees 10X business growth with zero new accounting hires   CEO Chad Meyer said, “Not only are you collecting money faster, but you’re spending less human time chasing after money. And every repetitive, time-consuming, tedious task we found a way to add automation to solve for, rather than adding an accountant.”

2. ProQuest creates more than 22,122 new proposals in Apttus CPQ since the start of 2015

According to Rajan Odayar, Vice President, Head of Global Enterprise Management Solutions at ProQuest, “From a new orders perspective, by implementing the combination of Salesforce and Apttus, today there are zero touch points from the creation of an order to its approval.”

3. Apex Clean Energy spends 98% less time creating work orders each month with Conga Composer

Ken Young, VP of Operations at Apex, said that “Before Conga, that would have been a paralegal doing that by himself as a full-time job. I don’t see clerks running around with stacks of paper anymore, fumbling around, looking for execution from business leaders, nor do we see a bottleneck in our legal department.”

4. ForeFront reduces the time to produce a proper NDA from a week to an hour with Nintex Drawloop

According to Heather White, VP of Delivery at ForeFront, “Now, it’s a button click. You’re generating an NDA in a matter of minutes and can have a turnaround in a matter of hours. We’re now able to spread the work around, and it’s taking less time. And the contracting process is now transparent, not a big black box anymore.”

5. Windward Consulting Group saves hundreds of thousands of dollars by implementing FinancialForce

“An integrated solution was really important to us. Because FinancialForce is built on the same platform as Salesforce, we're now able to get complete insight into our entire business. Before FinancialForce, our team would be doing extracts and creating pivot tables in excels for 40-50 projects a week. Now, the project manager can go in through FinancialForce and see project status and instantly access data in real time, which has made us way more agile,” said Sean McDermott, CEO & President of Windward Consulting Group.

6. CareerBuilder realizes 65% click-savings on average business processes with Skuid

That was the message from Mark Williams, Head of CRM Systems at CareerBuilder, who said, “We did some calculations and found that our users could save 65% of the click in a day-to-day process that they would have to do, which is significant when you’re trying to grow revenue without adding headcount. The more time you can save each user each day, the better off you are. We initially bought Skuid for two pages, but because of the results we now use it for 40-50 pages.”

7. USA Technologies achieves higher sales team efficiency in Salesforce by using Tact

“We’ve standardized our approach to a single platform, with Salesforce the foundation and Tact layering on top of that, and it’s given a lot of simplicity to a rather complex industry, like most are,” said Cecil Ledesma, VP Regional Account Sales at USA Technologies. “We’ve had tremendous success implementing Tact. We use it every day.”

8. Zuman increases booked sales meetings by 180% in the first month after implementing Velocify Pulse

“If we can get that much productivity through our SDR team, that means we need to hire less SDRs down the road” said Mike Triantos, Chief Revenue Officer at Zuman. “Because of the number of meetings that they’re setting up for our outside sales team and the conversions we’re seeing in terms of revenue, we need to have less outside sales people as we continue to scale, too. We can do more with less and still hit our revenue targets.”  

9. Host Analytics decreases time to process commission calculations by 90% with Xactly Incent Express

According to Phil Lacorte, VP Sales Operations at Host Analytics, “I was able to go up on stage at sales kickoff and present sales reps with an automated system for sales comp. Handling this manually in the past, sales reps were spending a lot of time calculating their own commissions and wasting time and productivity. When we could automate the system, it boosted morale, and they trust their commission.”

10. National Restorations reduces monthly close-out time frame from weeks to days using Accounting Seed

“At a small business, the accounting team is one person,” said Chris Donnelly, VP of Operations at National Restorations. “The operations team on top of that could see what’s going on, which means less phone calls to accounting, less phone calls back to the customer, less duplicate effort for operations as well. Simple things like that make a big difference. When you need information, it’s right at your fingertips, dynamically and on-demand.”