Small businesses are changing the business landscape and the way we live our personal lives. From ridesharing, to healthcare, to dating apps, a number of growing businesses have reinvented entire industries. To do so, they need the help of technology, particularly apps, to manage the challenges of cultivating a business growing at the speed of light.

In the newest AppExchange ebook, 15 Success Stories of Business Growth with Apps, we spoke to founders, CEOs, and other executives to understand how their companies scale, and how technology — and AppExchange apps — play a huge role. Below are some of our favorite quotes from those conversations. Be sure to download the ebook for more great conversation.

Emily Tam, Director of IT, Borrego Solar

“We were trying to stay away from any solution that would cause us to have to purchase a third-party integration tool or some off-premises solution that didn’t sync with Salesforce. With Accounting Seed Financial Suite, the project managers now have a view into the accounting system they didn’t have before.”

Blaine Iler, Co-Founder, SOMMA Food Group

“One of the reasons we implemented Kenandy Cloud ERP so early was for traceability. The product we produce carries a significant burden on us throughout our supply chain. We weren’t all that big when we did it, but we knew were growing quickly and wanted to get ahead of it.”

Heather White, VP of Delivery, ForeFront

“We were doing everything by hand, leveraging Word and Excel, and nobody was doing it efficiently. We’re [now] able to manage a lot more volume with the same number of people, and we couldn’t have done it without Nintex Drawloop.”

Corinne Hua, CFO, Traction on Demand

“We are able to look at our different types of projects and decide how to build them from different billing perspectives. The functionality is available right in FinancialForce PSA and it’s very easy to implement.”

Justin Bakes, CEO, Forward Financing

“Salesforce enables us to have a consistent experience for our customers. Customer experience is one of our key values; it’s also a core value for our customers. You can do a lot with Conga Composer, and it makes us stand out. Conga understands what’s really important to us: the customer experience.”

Dan Hansen, President and COO, MedPro

“As a business owner, I want every lead touched, regardless of their size. Compared to other technology tools, Velocify Pulse is one of the best investments we have ever made.”

Hans Schaedel, CFO, Canto

I think every company should look for solutions that apply to their specific use case, and perhaps industry and size, and see what can help them aggregate all of the data into one place, automatically. Intacct Cloud ERP helped Canto address [several] challenges, with a focus on the software industry and its needs.”

Justin Hart, Vice President of Member Acquisition, Surf Air

“We were first working off of spreadsheets and printouts. We realized, this is going to take us nowhere. That’s where Salesforce entered the queue. Our members and prospects love us. Salesforce is an important part of that.”

Sam Rajkovich, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Sturtevant

“What’s really important to us is the core of Salesforce itself – the focus on our pipeline, our revenue, and what’s on the horizon.”

Aaron O’Brien, Chief Technology Officer, Les Mills

“To provide a better experience for customers, leverage technology designed to increase engagement efficiently with real-time interactions.”

Mike McCarron, Former VP, Customer Success, MobileIron

“You can keep hiring people, but in the end, the tech capabilities that exist today and will exist in the future, will only make customers’ experiences better. It’s best to embrace that.”

Conrad Chu, CTO and Co-Founder, Munchery

“Our goal is to go above and beyond, so that ultimately we can turn someone from a frustrated customer into an evangelist. Thanks to Salesforce, great customer service is always on our menu.”

Erin Peterson, VP, Customer Success, Mintingo

“AppExchange allows greater efficiency in terms of doing research. I would advise other SMB leaders to leverage the fact that Salesforce, and our peers, have done much of the vetting for us, to make a great set of solutions available.”

Ali Moshfeghian, COO, Xtreme Lashes

“You can get so much additional functionality from AppExchange. We implemented our entire back end on Salesforce in only three months. Typically that takes six months to a year.”

Damian Mogavero, CFO, Avero

“We take very good care of Avero customers across many touch points. Salesforce tracks it all.”

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