We've been tracking the social buzz around the Super Bowl using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio for a few years. As far as the game goes this, year feels pretty familiar. With an intense fourth quarter comeback, the Patriots again took the championship. There were breakout ads that jumped into the conversation and some familiar brands that always hold their own. The halftime show always always generates conversation and controversy. And, as usual, the fans show up to talk about it all.

You can explore all of this year's social buzz and trends on the Salesforce Big Game Social Tracker but lets take a look at this year's social highlights and MVPs:

The award for fan MVP goes to Patriots fans. Three of the top 10 mentioned hashtags were #Patriots, #GoPatriots and #GoPats. The most mentioned words were all Patriots related with Brady and Patriots being numbers 1 and 2. Atlanta Falcons related conversations didn't break the top 10. Overall sentiment on the game was 82% positive.

This year's advertising has a mix of star power and new entrants in the top 5. T-Mobile grabs MVP with a handful of ads including a spot featuring Justing Bieber getting us to show our #UnlimitedMoves. Avocados from Mexico came in second with creative that generated a ton of conversation. Here are the top 5 most mentioned ads this year:

1) T-Mobile
2) Avocados From Mexico
3) Budweiser
4) Mr. Clean
5) Audi

Overall sentiment on the ads was overwhelmingly positive with 84% in favor.

Outside of the game and the ads, the #PepsiHalfTime show generated a high volume of conversation for the brand and content. LadyGaga, Gaga and PepsiHalfTime all showed up in top twenty most mentioned words. While Pepsi didn't place a traditional ad the sponsorship drove large volumes of social mentions.

The demographics around the big game's conversations are always interesting. Conversations around the game were 60% male and 40% female but it flipped for the ad conversations. This year's ad buzz was 38% male and 62% female. Consistent with last year the top age groups driving conversation are 25-34 and 35-44.

So what can marketers take away from all of this? The top ads had a few things in common. All had great creative that resonated with their audience. Many, including Mr. Clean and Audi, pre-released their ads prior to the game and continued the momentum. Others backed up their great creative with strong social media strategy including Mr. Clean, Avocados from Mexico and this year's winner T-Mobile. You can't argue with Bieber's social media influence.

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