If you’re a thoughtful leader, then you’ve probably pondered this question before: Is your sales team performing like undefeated champs? Are there ways they could sell faster, smarter, and feel more empowered? In the second annual State of Sales report, we surveyed more than 3,000 sales teams to understand the habits of high performers and the business decisions they make. From that, we designed a quiz that will help you assess whether you have a group of top-notch sellers — and whether you’ve got your customer right at the center of your strategy.

Here are four things you’ll get out of taking our quiz.

How to use data to guide future decisions

Predictive intelligence, like lead scoring, is on the rise, but still not ubiquitous. According to the State of Sales report, 43% of high-performing sales teams use it to evaluate the best leads and orient sales strategy accordingly, versus 24% of underperforming teams.

How to make better use of your data

Sales analytics are quickly becoming the gold standard for discovering key performance indicators. Sixty-three percent of high-performing sales teams use sales analytics to check metrics in real time on charts and dashboards.

How your mobile use compares

Mobile is still used more for play than for work. Despite there being more mobile devices in the world than people, the majority of teams don’t use mobile sales apps. Forty-one percent of high-performing sales teams provide an app for salespeople to produce quotes or contracts in the field, versus 21% of underperforming teams.

How well you leverage guided selling and coaching capabilities.

Guided selling and coaching, including recommendations on who to contact, what content to use, and what discovery questions to ask, splits the field. Fifty percent of high-performing teams already use guided selling and coaching, and there’s 70% growth anticipated over the next three years.

Find out what kind of sales team you’ve got (and how to improve) with our quiz. The clock is ticking!