Growing businesses with limited time and resources can be challenged to deliver the proactive, personalized service their customers expect today. That’s why we’re so excited about the launch of Service Cloud Einstein, the world’s first intelligent customer service platform.

With intelligence built in, Service Cloud Einstein lets SMBs offer service that’s personalized, responsive, and smart. No longer just the stuff of robots, sci-fi and data scientists—intelligent software presents a huge opportunity for businesses of all sizes to work more efficiently and deliver better customer experiences.

Here’s how Service Cloud Einstein can help your growing business:

Einstein Case Management

SMBs need to be efficient and they can provide faster service when cases are automatically classified as they come in and routed to the correct agent (who knows what the case is about before picking up the phone). The information needed to resolve cases is instantly displayed in the agent’s console, so they are equipped with everything they need to know before engaging with a customer.

Intelligent Mobile Service

Not only can SMBs with service workers in the field get real-time access to customer data and work orders, but that data is used by Service Cloud Einstein to optimize scheduling. The app will intelligently prioritize field service requests based on problem severity, technician location and expertise, or customer support tier.

For Level Up Your Home, a fast-growing network of national smart home pros, effective field service is a high priority. “We bring homes into the future with our network of Smart Home Consultants, so it only makes sense that we want to be smart about how we deliver customer service,” says Jennifer Kelmer, CEO of Level Up Your Home. “With intelligent appointment scheduling, order tracking, and automatic data updates from Salesforce, we can use AI to offer a better experience to every customer."

Einstein Supervisor

Through smart data discovery and real-time operational insights, Einstein shows SMB support managers up-to-the-minute updates on agent availability, queues, and wait times, and predicts customer satisfaction based on previous trends. Einstein Supervisor uncovers trends as they are happening, and helps prevent small issues from becoming big ones. Support supervisors can optimize agent workflow to solve issues faster and drive customer satisfaction.

These days everything’s getting smarter. We have smart phones, smart cars, smart homes... even smart water. So why not smart customer service, too? To learn more about Service Cloud Einstein please visit: