Customer Satisfaction scores and NPS are among the top metrics used by companies to measure the strength of their relationship with their customers. Gathering this feedback following a customer service interaction is critical for every business in order to understand how their customer support organization is performing.

For companies that have embraced CSAT and NPS as ways to measure customer relationships, their social channels have often been the outlier to measuring a service experience. Measuring social service performance is critical to proving the success of any social customer service or listening program, but gathering this type of feedback on social media channels has been a challenge, until now.

We are very excited to announce the release of Twitter Customer Feedback for Salesforce Service Cloud! With this new functionality, when a case from Twitter is closed a survey can be sent to the customer via a direct message on Twitter. The survey can either be sent automatically at a specified time after the case is closed, or the agent can manually send the survey from the case itself. Your customer then receives the survey as a direct message, and can provide a score and optional feedback. The survey score and feedback are automatically sent back to Salesforce, allowing companies to quickly act on feedback as well as report on NPS Customer Satisfaction across the service organization in realtime.

Due to the ease of providing feedback with a single click, response rates on Twitter Customer Feedback are significantly higher than those on other channels. Included in the trial is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, who is the first airline to use the new Twitter Customer Feedback. On average, KLM sees an incredible 73% response rate on Twitter Feedback Surveys.

When asked about the new Twitter Customer Feedback, Robertjan Groeneveld, Manager Social Media Hub at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines shared: “We believe we should be where our customers are, so Twitter Customer Feedback is a logical next step in KLM’s social strategy. When a case from Twitter is closed, the NPS Customer Satisfaction - including an open field for any remarks - will be sent automatically to the customer. The high average response rate confirms the ease of providing feedback and our customers’ need to share their opinion with us.”

Let's take a closer look at how Twitter Customer Feedback works:

1. After closing a case from Twitter, your company can send a survey to your customer. The Feedback Question is automatically populated, and the desired Question Template can be selected

2. The Customer on Twitter receives the survey as a Direct Message from your company's Twitter handle. They then select the desired score and provide optional additional feedback:

3. The survey score and feedback are automatically sent back to Salesforce and added to the Case.

4. Results can be aggregated and reported on in Salesforce Reports and Dashboards, allowing the right people in your organization to keep an eye on realtime NPS and CSAT scores for your company. Results can be drilled down into and analyzed further to help your company optimize the customer service experience.

Ready to get started with Twitter Feedback Surveys? Download and install the following AppExchange Package: and follow the instructions in the Twitter Customer Feedback Implementation & User Guide located in the Details section on AppExchange.