The Salesforce MVP Program honors and awards individuals for their exceptional contributions to the Salesforce Community. These trailblazers are from all over the world and represent a variety of areas of expertise, backgrounds, roles, and industries. Most importantly, they exemplify the true spirit of the Salesforce Ohana with a shared passion for helping others in the Salesforce community.

MVPs are nominated by the community and awarded based on their contributions for the previous year. They are answering countless questions on Answers and Twitter, submitting and voting on ideas in the IdeaExchange, writing and sharing helpful blogs, leading User Groups and Developer Groups, posting on the Developer Forums and Success Community, and so much more. We get hundreds of community nominations each year, and while there isn't a specific list of items that guarantee someone will be awarded, we look to award community members who demonstrate deep product knowledge, strong leadership, responsiveness, and advocacy. It is no easy feat to receive this recognition, and today we proudly award a new class of MVPs to recognize them for everything they have done to enrich the Salesforce Community Ohana.

We are thrilled to welcome 19 new Salesforce MVPs and to renew 65 Salesforce MVPs!

See the names of our Winter 2017* MVPs below and click on their names to send along a congrats!

New Salesforce MVPs

Receiving their 1st MVP recognition

Adrian Larson

Akira Kuratani

Anne Crawford

Benjamin Bolopue

Eliot Harper

Fabrice Cathala

James Goerke

John Graf

Justin Barss

Kelly Leslie

Louise Lockie

Melinda Smith

Michelle Chaplin Regal

Missy Longshore

Ohad Idan

Paige Van Riper

Rebe de la Paz

Sergey Erlikh

Sunil Sarilla


Renewed Salesforce MVPs

Receiving the MVP recognition for an additional year

Agustina Garcia

Alex Tennant

Andy Boettcher

Ankit Arora

Becka Dente

Becky Webster

Bonny Hinners

Boris Bachovski

Brendan Conroy

Brian Fear

Brian Kwong

Caroline Renard

Celeste Keller

Chris Edwards

Christian Carter

Christopher Lewis

Cory Cowgill

Daniel Hoechst

David Liu

Davina Hanchuck

Deepak Anand

Denise Carbone

Enrico Murru

Fabien Taillon

Francis Pindar

Ikou Sanuki

Jason Lawrence

Javier Gonzalez

Jayvin Arora

Jeff Grosse

Jennifer Davis

Jeremiah Dohn

Jocelyn Fennewald

Jodi Wagner

John De Santiago

Joshua Hoskins

Junji Imaoka

Keir Bowden

Kristi Guzman

Leyna Hoffer

Margaret Fako

Matt Bertuzzi

Matt Lacey

Mike Gill

Mike Martin

Mohamed El Moussaoui

Mohith Shrivastava

Moyez Thanawalla

Natalie Gunther

Nick Lindberg

Pat Solum

Phil Walton

Phillip Southern

Rhonda Ross

Roy Gilad

Samuel De Rycke

Sarah Deutsch

Shell Black

Simon Goodyear

Stephanie Foerst

Stephanie Herrera

Steve Molis

Tal Frankfurt

Toya Gatewood

Trish Perkins

New Inductees to the MVP Hall of Fame

The Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame is an emeritus status that recognizes the exceptional individuals that have been awarded Salesforce MVP 5+ years. These MVPs receive this honorary title for life, but can also be renominated in future rounds based on their community activity and contributions at that time.

Courtney House

Garry Polmateer

*This is not an exhaustive list of our current Salesforce MVPs. We give out this award twice per year, and the above list represents the Winter class. We'll open up nominations for the Summer class in the next few months.

Curious to learn more about the Salesforce MVP nomination process? Check out the Top 5 Things to Know About How We Choose Our MVPs.