I’ll admit that I try to stay on top of the latest technology trends, am always looking for the newest gadgets, and always keep my iPhone apps up to date. So it should be no surprise that I am fascinated and excited by the newest AppExchange apps that hit the market.

Salesforce customers tell me the different ways they try to stay abreast of the latest apps that help their sales, service, marketing, and back office teams do better work more efficiently. With that in mind, below is a list of 11 innovative and apps new to you to check out today.

1. clearMDM by Audit9

What it is: clearMDM is the pragmatic solution to common master data management challenges such as duplicated or fragmented customer data. Get a single customer view to improve operational efficiency alongside 360-degree insight critical to accurate segmentation and personalised customer relationships. clearMDM provides automated data-stewarding functions that can be implemented quickly and supported by Salesforce administrators.

What customers say: “An MDM application that really works”...”Has been highly successful in helping us to form a single trusted view of the customer”...”already seeing the benefits of how a well designed system can simplify difficult stewarding tasks”...”clearMDM can definitely help you to get control of your data.” 

2. Bigtincan Hub

What it is: Bigtincan Hub delivers smarter, next generation sales enablement tools that measurably help enterprise sales and service organizations boost productivity and success. Bigtincan Hub helps sales teams sell better by preparing for meetings more effectively, improving client and prospect engagement, enhancing collaboration with peers, and improving win rates all within Salesforce. The AI-powered sales enablement platform transforms the way sales and service organizations access, share, and collaborate on sales content, helping to deliver the right content to sell effectively in any location, on any device.

What customers say: “Bigtincan enables my sales team”...”able to allow our sales people to get the full value from our marketing department”...”Just when you thought you had made a great choice with Salesforce, you receive something that makes the decision even better”...”Don’t know how I made it so long without this tool.”

3. Inquisium Surveys by Cvent

What it is: Inquisium’s survey platform helps create feedback programs that provide reliable insights for smarter decision making. Connect and view survey responses directly within Salesforce and measure how you market, sell, and service more effectively. Inquisium helps measure how effectively your business addresses prospects, customers, and employees, optimize business performance with a sophisticated feedback program, and enrich your Salesforce data with feedback and service ratings.

What customers say: “Measurement without action is useless”...”Inquisium helps turn our guests’ negative experiences into positive experiences”...”There’s no comparison between our old provider and Inquisium.”

4. Dow Jones Factiva Integrated News

What it is: Enhance sales intelligence, power pipelines, and drive revenue with premium and tailored content directly within Salesforce. Add Factiva company news and data to Salesforce account pages to understand the issues impacting customers and prospects. Factiva highlights selling opportunities and risk factors associated with your accounts at a glance. Stay up to date on the trends and topics affecting companies of interest with customized alerts.

Key facts:

  • Factiva pulls from 33,000 global and premium news sources

  • Factiva has profiles on over 20 million public and private companies

  • The Factiva app for Salesforce comes with access to WSJ.com, Barrons.com, Factiva Companies & Executives, as well as the Factiva mobile app

5. Lionbridge Geofluent

What it is: GeoFluent is a real-time translation solution that allows Live Agent from Service Cloud users to easily add multilingual capabilities to their existing application, helps brands communicate with any customer using existing agents and eliminating language barriers. GeoFluent ensures the highest level of translation quality, helping to accelerate issue resolution, increase customer satisfaction, and enable continuous global cover with lower overhead costs.

What customers say: “We implemented web chat a few years ago in English only, and it soon became apparent that our other European members would benefit...we were able to seamlessly integrate GeoFluent and bring our Spanish customers the service without increase our staffing...post-implementation support has been second-to-none.”

6. Mogli SMS by Tact

What It is: Mogli SMS is a native text messaging application that allows organizations to scale communications and simplify staff and stakeholder lifecycles through the power of SMS. The Mogli architecture allows users to easily organize messages and survey responses into powerful, data-driven reports and dashboards. Mogli SMS supports automation of two-way individual and bulk text messaging, simple and branching surveys, and query functionality to allow anyone to interact directly with Mogli SMS for self-service information, registration, education, and support.

What customers say: “Great app”...”Has helped us launch an entire feedback collection system and inspire an organizational change”...”Can associate data both individually attached to user contact pages and in aggregate through reports and dashboards.”

7. Undo Button by MK Partners

What it is: A tool to easily restore your backups with one button. Undo Button helps protect your data with automated backups in real time for accounts, cases, contacts, events, leads, opportunities, and tasks. When you save a record, Undo Button performs a real-time, encrypted backup of your data. If you’ve ever accidentally saved a record, only to realize you overwrote or deleted a field value, just click the Undo button and your change will instantly revert.

What customers say: “You absolutely must install”...”It’s been a huge lifesaver as our employees start using Salesforce for the first time”...”Whenever we make a mistake, we use the undo button to fix it. It’s so easy, we couldn’t live without it.”

8. Salespulse by Questback

What is is: Salespulse provides real-time feedback with pulse surveys from prospects during the sales process to increase sales performance and perform sales coaching more effectively. Get instant feedback during the sales process and coach your team in real-time — and close more deals. Salespulse helps answer why top sellers consistently deliver results while low performers struggle. No integration work is needed with this native app, and everything can be configured in 60 minutes, directly in your Salesfore org.

What customers say: “A simple way to finally get feedback on sales meetings”...”Has sharpened how we approach our sales cycles and become an integral learning tool that feeds our continual improvement approach to business”...”Easy to set up, great user interface and invaluable reporting.”

9. DayBack Calendar by SeedCode

What it is: Balance your workload with drag and drop scheduling, and make decisions in context with your Google calendars alongside your Salesforce objects. Reassign resources with while seeing your calendars side-by-side, whether users, departments, rooms, or pieces of equipment. Make plans with a clear view of what’s coming, and stop deadlines from sneaking up on you by seeing events in contexts so you can make better decisions.

What customers say: “Easy to work with and extremely responsive...excellent execution and delivery of a well thought-out product”...”To say I was blown away is an understatement...DayBack is now the front end application of my business sales administration, and without reservation I give it 5 out of 5 stars across the board.”

10. SurveyMonkey

What it is: SurveyMonkey’s new Salesforce integration makes it easy to automate customer feedback collection and follow-up. Send surveys directly from Salesforce, sync responses to any object, and analyze responses in real time alongside existing Salesforce metrics. With SurveyMonkey, improve customer support by sending NPS and CSAT survey to customers, increase revenue and referrals by using feedback to learn how to improve, and identify leads faster by capturing crucial information to better profile your leads and identify propensity to buy.

What customers say: “Great customer success”...”Easy and fast implementation”...”Providing us all of the information we need to meet our business needs”...”quick response time allowed us to get our integration with Salesforce and first survey launched ASAP.”

11. Swiftype Enterprise Search for Salesforce

What it is: Swiftype Enterprise Search is a new way for employees to seamlessly access the data they need, from any device, across the many different applications their jobs require, including Salesforce. Built for any Salesforce Cloud, Swiftype indexes content across cloud data sources and delivers results in a single search experience. Swiftype’s dashboard allows users to monitor and customize their search experience without technical expertise, and predictive technologies deliver search results based on a user’s role, permissions, search behaviors and preferred data sources.

What customers say: “We found Swiftype to be a goldmine of analytics data – seeing what people are searching for, finding, and not finding”...”we use the data to add support content and make product changes”...”our staff was finally able to control results, relevance, and more all through an app. It was great.”

12. Talkdesk for Salesforce

What it is: Talkdesk adds comprehensive contact center functionality to Salesforce. Leverage voice and SMS channels, native reporting, and automations to work smarter and communicate more effectively from within Salesforce. Talkdesk for Salesforce empowers you to have more personalized, real-time conversations with prospects and customers by giving service agents and sales reps custom Talkdesk recipes to initiate Salesforce events throughout the customer service process. Automations take care of call logging, data entry, and more.

What customers say: “Talkdesk is the best. My whole team loves it and integration was very simple”...”I found the integration with Salesforce to be a particular winner as it has allowed us to manage our contact database more effectively”...”We've been using Talkdesk for close to 4 months and everyone on my team loves it.”

While these apps are just a sampling of new apps to AppExchange, and new apps come to AppExchange daily, these apps are exciting additions to the Salesforce ecosystem. Check out many of these apps in this AppExchange collection.